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Dan Proft: The Candidate with The Benevolent Hatchet

Pat Hickey 29 August 2009 10 Comments

There is a pillow fight going on for Governor of Illinois between Democratic rivals Governor Pat Quinn, a gentleman of the first water and Comptroller Dan Hynes.  They are engaged in a pummeling unmatched and unseen by the public since the Dating Game pitted gentlemen callers for the hand of a Big Haired Damsel, back in the late 1970’s.  On August 26th,  Dan Hynes broadsided Pat Quinn with a down filled head-rester about his veto of the Campaign Finance Boondoggle set-piece crafted by the guy who put Governor Ryan in the choky for not ‘delivering service to the voters of Illinois.’  Hynes chronicled the 211 days of Quinn’s term of office including the 91 days since Gov. Quinn called for a dynamic Campaign Reform Legislative package cooked up by the panel commanded by former Federal Prosecutor Pat Collins.  Quinn vetoed  Il. House Bill # 7 after it was ensnarled with lawyerly goop to effectively pettifog common sense and genuine reform.

Quinn vetoes his own Fiat Lux and Hynes whacked him with a huge comfy pillow.  Now, they are jumping up on down on the bed-rock of Illinois candor and concern for the constituency and getting Illinois popcorn all over the place to the kicking sounds of the Jonas Brothers.  “That’s just about enough of that, Girls!  Illinois is trying to get some rest and we do not want Blago to get any more air or face time on WLS! I mean it!”

For real easy listening turn to the softer sounds of the Illinois GOP – Andy McKenna, the Illinois Kenny G, who may bring his own gentle, yet soul sapping sounds to the air waves.  And Kirk Dillard?  The Pan Flute of Illinois Politics.

Only one man in the race for Illinois Governor is saying anything and that is Dan Proft.  However, between bites of a homemade sub sandwich at work yesterday, I surfed the Web for political bytes and returned to Rich Miller’s Capitol Fax Blog (CFB).

A couple of years ago, Rich Miller was kind enough to invite me to offer my knocked-out cat musings on the Capitol Fax sister ship Illinoize, as well as offer my helot’s views on CFB as well.  I crossed the line. I pointed out the leftist PAC SEIU’s influence peddling activities during the BIG BOX Flatulence in a Hurricane.  Rich Miller deemed me to be a “red-baiter” and deleted more than few of my posts and comments.  Fair enough.  I exited and do not post there anymore.

So when Rich Miller’s clearing house of great Illinois political thought- Capitol Fax Blog - offered this gem about the first man to enter into the lists for the GOP, “Ultraconservative campaign consultant Dan Proft reportedly has a huge stash of private money ready to use for attacks on his fellow GOP candidates. Proft loves the hatchet, and blood will certainly flow”, it made me scratch my head.

Talk about Red (blood) Baiting.

From what I can tell Dan Proft has thus far offered this campaign season and the voters of Illinois the only clearly defined positions on issues that most affect the voters. In particular, Dan Proft is the only genuine Education Reformer in the entire pool.  If Proft is the shark that Rich Miller presents him to be, Dan Proft – bon appétit!  Mr. Proft, you are swimming with minnows.

Rich Miller’s column seemed to dump toxins into the placid political waters of the Governor’s race like he was Crestwood Village Trustee.  The minnows would be immune to Miller’s beverage as the poisons seem dumped only to toxify Dan.  Don’t seem fair none. So, I decided to ask Dan Proft what he thought of the piece and don’t you know . . . I got me an honest and straightforward answer.

I said, Mr. Proft, Rich Miller’s CFB opines that there is no clear GOP frontrunner but that your candidacy is centered upon a perceived will to harm . . .or something to that effect . . . How do you respond?

Dan offered this which also appears on his website:

Even though The Capitol Fax Blog‘s Rich Miller and I disagree on a wide range of policy matters, I am an avid reader of CapFax because Rich understands state government and state politics and he puts the work in to give value to his readers.

In his column today he wrote that I “love the hatchet” when it comes to the rough-and-tumble of the Illinois political arena. I’m not going to pretend great insult or injury — that would require a range of human emotion I do not possess.

However, it would be more accurate to say that, while I don’t love the hatchet, I’m willing to use it when necessary. And that’s more than I can say for my opponents in this race.

Families and businesses are fleeing this state like it is on fire; children in failing school systems are condemned to a life of second-class citizenship; and, despite being broke, the politicians in Springfield continue to borrow against tomorrow to pay for yesterday.

The Chicago 9 are indifferent if not outright hostile to these problems. They concentrate on the further enrichment of their political base, while my Republican opponents quibble over their respective short-sighted ways to finance the status quo.

While I do not consider the advancement of conservative system change ideas such as my “Universal Clout Program for Education” for K-12 children from low income families as appropriate fodder for Rich’s hatchet metaphor, I’ll accept it anyway.

Yes, I’m angry and frustrated about the deterioration of life and government in Illinois, and you can be sure that getting us back on track will require a variety of tools, including, from time to time, a hatchet.

The situation in our state is dire and we must recognize our problems with honesty, discuss them with candor, offer up constructive, conservative reforms and put in the fight that is required to advance them.

I am the only candidate in this race who seems willing to do all of the above. I am the only candidate who will name the names of those responsible and the only one who is taking the fight to the Chicago 9. I will make them defend systems they don’t want to defend.

And if there is agreement as to my assessment of the situation, why are my opponents not as angry and as committed to the fight as I am? Why do they timidly enter this arena unarmed?

If I’m in a fight with Mike Madigan, I’m bringing at least a hatchet. He’s not going to carve me up without a fight. It’s both unfortunate and instructive that my opponents don’t feel the same way.

It seems to me that Rich Miller and other media folks want to bury Dan Proft’s candidacy in calumnies – dismiss his serious attempt to bring real changes to the office of Governor and School Reform through School Choice.  Why should Illinois voters be lulled and gulled into watching a Democratic Primary Pillow Fight between Quinn and Hynes?  Why should Illinois voters be etherized by the easy listening GOP Mainstream Singers like Dillard?  How about a man who actually will chop up our stagnant public education stink holes?  How about a candidate for Governor that will not be an SEIU or Planned Parenthood stooge?  How about a candidate who will work with Democrats and Republicans to bring about School Choice?  Vouchers!  Scary stuff.

If Dan Proft brings a hatchet to Springfield, that is wonderful!


  • Good grief said:

    Anyone who says Dan Proft is a reformer really looks like a rube.

    Please do some due diligence re Cicero.

  • Pat Hickey said:





    Ruben Hickey

  • Ignatius J. Reiley said:

    This is what I heard from some people in the know—

    “Rich Miller is a dirty guy. He makes off like he’s some sort of journalist. Funny how he got washed that way over the years with a news piece here and there and through that electronic grafitti wall he runs for his little sychophants. But he came up through the cameralist system and deep down he’s still just a little political consultant wannabe. Get to close to his friends with the comments razor and watch him flush to the edit. Then he tells people to mind their comments and be civil but he thrashes and slashes unfairly and regularly when he feels he needs to. Actually, he’s sort of like a hillbilly from Beverly. Not the one “in” California but the one “East” of California— and South of 95th street. He should really get a suit that fits, maybe hangout with the political hacks from Armour Square instead, if they’d let him. Anyway he’ll quickly marginalize any candidate that goes for the elephant in the room and encourage the little weenies to throw in some kicks. He’s a hypocrite that way.”

    So, I guess Proft is gonna get it… sideways…from Rich every chance he gets. No?

  • Anonymous said:

    Remember when Rich Miller tried to get his former wife a state job and get his alimony reduced? Does pay to play politics start with Capitol Fax?

  • Ann Williams said:

    Dan Proft is the only candidate in this race who gives me hope. I’m sure he scares a lot of people because he holds not only the Democrats who have driven Illinois into the ground accountable, but also the Republicans who have failed to offer a clear, contrast vision for government. He’s a tough guy and very media saavy – he will do well. He represents those of us who have paid our mortgages, saved for our children’s education – done the right thing, played by the rules and are now suffering because of clout lists and other fixed systems that guarantee the jobs and pensions of the politically connected at our expense. If you don’t know about Proft visit http://www.proft2010.com and find out about him.

  • Bill Baar said:

    Proft’s the only guy out there with YouTubes talking issues. I don’t know if that wins elections in Illinois but Proft’s out there talking.

  • Jerry Vachaparambil said:

    I actually think Adam Andrzejewski is heading to Springfield next November, he’s got some great ideas and a very vibrant strategy from what it looks like!

  • Lippman said:

    Dan Proft is a right wing extremist, preaching the same tired Reaganite GOP policy “reforms” that have sent this entire country down the toilet for the last 30 years.

    “He’s a tough guy, and very media savy”

    …the guy is nothing more than a propagandist, and if the rumors are true about all the money his Urqheart media recieved via the town of Cicero, he qualifies as nothing more than another right winger who is lining his own pocket with public funds, while preaching to cut taxes on the rich, while eliminating social programs for the poor

    That said, the Democrats in Illinois are incredibly disgusting I can’t any of them seriously. I wouldn’t waste 2 seconds voting for any of them.

    And yes, I consider myself a Democrat

  • John Maynard Krebs said:

    Since when, Lippman?

    As the leading advocate of school choice in Illinois, how does that make Proft some kind of crazed opponent of the poor, rather than the only real advocate for better education currently in the Governor’s race?

  • Phil Krone said:

    I don’t know Dan Proft, but I’d like to. I don’t agree with Dan Proft much of the time, but I like his presentation. He has a great sense of humor and he is not mean spirited.

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