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Daley, Blago and the Minimum Wage

Jim Ridings 23 July 2010 2 Comments

Mayor Daley sounds sillier every time he opens his mouth. Downstaters, who are not under his direct control, can see it better than Chicagoans. But Daley sounds especially silly, and frightening, when he indulges his obsession about guns. Violence in Chicago is, indeed, out of control. Daley chooses to focus his rage on guns, rather than on the people who use the guns.

Why? Because guns don’t vote, but people do. By playing to people’s fears, Daley hopes to win a few votes from those who have lost loved one to violence.

The only thing a gun ban does is to insure that the bad guys have guns and the good guys do not. The bad guys don’t obey the law, nd they know decent homeowners will not have a weapon to defend themselves. The bad guys only pick on the defenseless, and Daley has made Chicagoans defenseless.

You don’t see much home invasion in rural downstate Illinois. That is because the bad guys know that the farmer on the other side of the door will have a weapon to shoot back.

The ironic thing is that Daley points to the dozens of shootings every week as a reason why guns should be banned. But why are there so many shootings, since gun ownership has been banned in Chicago for 20 years?
Guns are outlawed and yet shootings abound. Maybe the problem isn’t the guns. Maybe Daley’s leadership, and his lack of addressing the real problem of violence, is the problem.

The Supreme Court told Daley that Chicago is still a part of America and still has to obey the Constitution, even the Second Amendment. Daley was told he cannot tear up the Constitution the way he tore up Meigs Field.

And do not take heart in the latest poll that shows Daley at 37 per cent popularity. By the time all the city workers and the people in the cemeteries vote on election day, Daley will end up with 70 per cent of the vote again.

It looks like Blagojevich has two main defenses — insanity and ineptness. It is a back-door insanity defense, saying that Blago blows his top and says crazy things, but doesn’t mean it. His lawyers plead ineptness, saying that he didn’t make much money from his dirty deals. This defense will go only so far.

Blago pleads that he doesn’t have enough money to send his daughters to college. Please. When has Blago ever thought of anyone besides himself? Even the majority of the $400,000 he spent on clothing was for himself, not for his wife. His dirty deals were to get money for himself, not for his wife or his daughters. Stupidity and ineptness is not a proper legal defense.

The Blago tapes remind me of the Nixon tapes. We have top officials talking about such petty and vindictive matters. When do these politicians have the time to do their jobs?

An increase in the minimum wage is one of the Democrats’ favorite means of pandering to voters. They portray it as compassion to the poor, something to which they claim to own the franchise. While it is good for those who get a small increase, it is not good for the economy. Or for those who lose their jobs because of it.

Unlike the government, businesses cannot print money when they need it. Nor can they just take it from the pockets of people, as the government does. Every dollar of increased costs has to come from somewhere. When they pay their employees more, they money comes from laying off other workers — and from not hiring additional workers. Business owners — especially small business owners, who feel it more than big corporations — know this.

No one is against people making more money and doing better in life. But let us have a little more honesty and a little less hypocrisy. Raising the minimum wage to help the economy is like raising taxes to help the economy. It does just the opposite. But the voters sure do like it.

Remember the scandal the media created when gubernatorial candidate Bill Brady announced he didn’t pay income taxes one year because his business lost money? It was a legitimate reason, but the Democrats acted like he was a tax evader. We aren’t seeing the same outrage now that Democrat Senate candidate Alexi Giannoulias announced he didn’t pay state and federal income taxes last year because of losses with his family’s Broadway Bank. In fact, Giannoulias is getting a $30,000 tax refund.

His opponent Mark Kirk noted that he bank’s failure cost the FDIC $394 million, not to mention the $73 million in college savings Giannoulias lost due to poor management. On top of that, Giannouilas favors tax increases for the rest of us.

Why are Brady’s taxes a scandal and Giannouilas’ taxes are not? Ask the Democrat media.


Jim Ridings is an author and regular contributor to the Chicago Daily Observer


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