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Chicago Politicians Getting Fried in Chicken Freedom Flap

Jim Ridings 30 July 2012 4 Comments

Cook County politicians are better experts than farmers when it comes to chicken poop.

Right now, a whole lot of them are stepping into it.

It started when Chick-fil-A president Dan Cathy told The Baptist Press he believed in the traditional definition of marriage as being between a man and a woman.

He didn’t say he was anti-gay. He didn’t say his company discriminated against gays, either as customers or employees.

All he gave was his personal opinion, a belief that has been the norm for thousands of years of Judeo-Christian civilization.

That’s when the Chick-fil-bleep started to fly.

Liberals – who tend to make careers of being offended on behalf of other groups, and who tend to usurp the roles of spokesmen of groups to which they do not belong – were shocked, shocked that someone would dare speak an opinion on which a liberal would disagree. To do so invites not just an expression of a difference of opinion, but the wrath of the government. That is how liberalism works when it is in power. Their credo is, “It’s not fascism when WE do it.” Their interpretation of the First Amendment is, “Land of the free, as long as we agree.”

I was at a state dinner in Springfield three years ago, at the time when radio host Don Imus was fired for a questionable racial joke. A prominent official at my table, eager to show his liberal credential when it comes to race, remarked that Imus should be fired. “The First Amendment wasn’t intended to protect unpopular speech,” he said. I almost spit out my food as I quickly replied, “That’s EXACTLY what the First Amendment was intended for!”

Chicago Alderman Joe Moreno (not the same Cook County politician Joe Moreno who was just indicted for extortion, but give this Joe Moreno time to catch up) said he will block Chick-fil-A’s proposal to build a restaurant in his ward. Mayor Rahm Emanuel agreed.

They are trying to make this a discrimination issue. It isn’t. It is a free speech issue.

This incident has taken the issue of “discrimination” to a whole new level, far beyond tolerance or rights. Now it is considered bigoted, hateful, or even illegal for an individual to say he thinks marriage should be between a man and a woman. What’s next? Will preachers be arrested in the pulpits and charged with hate crimes for saying what is in their Bible, what is a part of their religious beliefs, and a part of their constitutional freedom of religion and freedom of speech?

It has been suggested.

Gay rights have gone beyond the tolerance they once requested. Now it has joined the Democrat-owned constituency of “special privileges for the few.” This started with Affirmative Action, which is reverse discrimination, which is discrimination – which was started to end discrimination.

It used to be that bigotry, prejudice and discrimination were unacceptable. Now, in liberalism’s Brave New World, “where fascism isn’t fascism when WE do it,” bigotry, prejudice and discrimination are all right, depending on the target.

Special privileges for the few used to mean special privileges for the rich. The rich were once admired by people who wanted to someday be rich. Now the Democrats (the rich Democrats) tell us to despise the rich.

But if you think tipping the scales of special privileges is good, at least be honest enough to admit you are a hypocrite who, indeed, does believe in prejudice and discrimination – and that it is prejudice and discrimination “even when WE do it.”

“Chick-fil-A’s values are not Chicago’s values,” a pious (how ironic) Emanuel said.

He’s right. Chick-fil-A does not have corruption, graft, theft, kickbacks, mismanagement or random shootings in its business plan. None of its corporate executives have been indicted.

The day after Emanuel condemned Chick-fil-A’s values, he warmly welcomed Louis Farrakhan and his Nation of Islam thugs, praising them for talking to street gangbangers. Perhaps racism and extreme anti-Semitism (and extreme anti-homosexual rants) are some of Farrakhan’s values admired by Emanuel.

Moreno and Emanuel both are considered in the ethnic minority classes to be favored – although more and more, across the world, and even in Obama’s socialist state, Jews aren’t too popular anymore. Both leaders should know better than to take a page out of Mussolini’s playbook, and both ought to think about where this leads.

We are supposed to learn from history, but liberals never learn anything. That is because they believe we are supposed to “feel,” not think. They believe socialism is great, and that it has never worked only because it hasn’t yet been applied properly. Failure after failure never teaches them anything. The road to hell may be paved with good intentions. But aren’t they great for having such good intentions?

When Moreno someday follows so many of his fellow aldermen to the Big House, he may want to ask his fellow alderman if they have enjoyed decent chicken sandwich in prison.


Jim Ridings is the author of 20 books on Illinois history, including “Len Small: Governors & Gangsters.”


  • Ward Heeler said:

    Wasn’t that the same point in George Orwell’s “1984” — people are supposed to “feel” the proper response rather than think for themselves?

  • 1stwardfirst said:

    Your colleagues Jimmy and Tammy Faye enjoyed a chicken patty or two in the clink. Moreno has steadily said, which you refuse to admit, that he will go forward if Chick Fil-A spells out in their policies that they will not discriminate based on sexual orientation. The same sexual orientation so many so called men of God are actively living. They do not need counseling or exorcism because this is who they are- they are Gay, Lesbian and transgendered and they earned the right under the constitution to share in the right of marriage in city hall and churches that accept who they are.

    Actually, this weekend Moreno was at a previously arranged back to school fair with the pastor of one of the city’s largest evangelical churches where he donated over 1000 school bags to the areas neediest children. Although there is disagreement on the issue of Gay Marriage there are many issues in which we are in agreement with the local evangelical church here in Chicago issues such as, immigration rights, gun control, fair living wages. Call it liberal, call it corrupt, call it what you’d like, but you are not going see Chicago leaders and communities bow down to principles that got our country in the situation we’re in now. Anti affirmative action, stop right there, you can’t get past first base here in Chicago. The Tea Party you represent is not Christian, it is extreme and that’s what you represent. You are not a philosophy of inclusion, you are isolated with ideas that picks and chooses which scriptures in the bible that represents your sophomoric thinking.

    Neocons like you have no clue of the great work being done in our neighborhoods. You guys are about fear and hype and that gets little to no traction here in a city built by the hands of union workers from a state that gave us Lincoln, Kennedy and Obama.

  • Michael R said:

    Freedom of religion works two ways. It keeps government from overpowering religion, and religion from overpowering government.

    Decades past, most Americans and their politicians were white and Christian. Politician’s voted their conscience, which was a Christian conscience. The Constitution was in place to protect the rights of those who were not Christian.

    Culture changed, and the pendulum has swung. The difference here is that secularists are in the majority, and they are ruling in an anti-Christian way. We still have the Constitution that protects us from discrimination.

    The lesson to modern politicians should be this: If you think you are writing the wrongs of the conformist 1950’s, you are engaging in the same behavior with the same vigor.

  • Jim Ridings said:

    1stwardfirst,your comments are almost indecipherable. First, Jimmy and Tammy Faye are not my colleagues. Second,I do not represent the Tea Party. Third, I’m pretty sure marriage is not a Constitutional right. Fourth, what does Moreno passing out bags (paid for by taxpayers, not him) to schoolchildren have to do with the issue? Fifth, I am not a neocon. Sixth, Chicago did not give us Lincoln (Springfield did), not Obama (Kenya did), and Chicago did not give us Kennedy, unless you count Mayor Daley and Sam Giancana stealing the 1960 election by voter fraud in Chicago and Cook County. This is a free speech issue, and you are making it an anti-religious rant.And Michael R, this is not a separation of church and state issue; as far as I know, the head of Chick-fil-A is a private citizen making a personal opinion; he is not a government official forcing a mandate on anyone. That job is left to Democrats.

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