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Channel 5’s Ward Room Cites Definitive Source on Young Republicans: Channel 5 Ward Room

John Powers 31 July 2010 11 Comments

In a circle of lame journalism only challenged by the Tribune’s breathless expose of Mark Kirk’s boating skills,  Edward McLelland at The Channel 5 Ward Room stokes up trivial story about *gasp* a date that didn’t go very well for a low level Young Republican in town.  Big Stuff (as Rich Miller says)?  Or a story that bores most everyone (as Tom Roeser says)?

McLelland did type in one interesting part of the story, a group of the usual suspects Sara Feigenholtz, Karen Yarborough and Iris Martinez in this case, are trying to pin the dating dilemma on Bill Brady, which indicates the level of desperation and derangement of the Democratic Party in Chicago.   Brady, who has been living in McLean County for the past 48 years or so is somehow responsible for a bum date that happened more than a year ago, while Brady was on the primary campaign trail, and rarely even in Chicago, and at no time running a dating service for the Young Republicans.

The state is broke, bills are due, our pension system is nearly bankrupt, there is a crime wave going around, Chicago just recognized a record $654 Million shortfall but our media knows what is important: painting trivial accusations at one Republican (who is unelected and not running for office) with such a broad brush that it will effect actual candidates for office.

But, as McLelland has it, this may be part of a patter of Chicago Young Republicans trying to Meet Attractive Conservative Women in Chicago, which sounds quite shocking.  Oh wait, the source for the scandalous piece is the aforementioned Edward McLelland, generously citing his own work as some kind of evidence of nefarious goings on (or is it just a weak story about activists trying to generate interest in the Republican party).  In either case, the newsworthy portion isn’t that there will be people of the opposite sex at Republican gatherings.

We are going to get more stories of Republicans as women-haters and the like.  Brady’s recent impressive performance with female voters, has the incumbent media, a long time left-wing adjunct of the Democratic party quivering that the Combine (that has served Illinois, and ironically the media in particular so poorly) may be in danger of being upset.  It is long since time for the Media to get serious about the actual crises facing the City of Chicago, Cook County, and State of Illinois, and give the smears a rest for the next three months.


John Powers is the President of the Chicago Daily Observer


  • Pat Hickey said:

    I saw the precious piece on the NBC Ward Room – it was a adorable!

    I am not so sure that Pat Quinn’s campaign will get any benefit from it – in fact, it will have a reverse effect. I noted this on that fine partisan site ( which has gone to poop since Steve Rhodes resigned rather than skew the news) – Thus:

    “I am for Pat Quinn and I am outnumbered by my many, many,many neighbors (Democrats all) who are backing Bill Brady.

    Articles like this give one the impression that there just might be an Illinois Journolist Lite going on.

    Like I said, I am for Pat Quinn but things could change. Mr. McCleland’s piece with the Quentin Crisp bon mot could do the trick.

    It seems the bigger media pile on the more Democrats begin to smell another Blago Pot Luck in the making – after all the Media were 100% behind that genius.

    Source: http://www.nbcchicago.com/blogs/ward-room/Bill-Brady-Takes-Tea-My-Dear-98431529.html#ixzz0vIAIdxn7

  • don't take it personally.... said:

    …but sounds like jeolousy to me. I think that Ward Room blog on the Channel 5 site has some of the best political writing around.

    By the way, the accusations in this case aren’t trivial. And just because some old men have some very outdated views on women, don’t expect everyone else to go along with the “she asked for it” attitude. There are also legitimate questions about how the whole thing was mishandled and efforts to silence and retaliate.

  • John Powers (author) said:

    If you think hyping some ridiculous issue unrelated to the financial crises choking the people of the State of Illinois is “some of the best political writing around”, then I suppose you might say that.

    It is time for the media to grow up and face the responsibility that we/they have in our state. The media has a tremendous influence on elections, and can inform voters about critical issues….or it can investigate boating abilities, nursery school resumes, and dates gone bad.

  • Pat Hickey said:

    “…but sounds like jeolousy to me. I think that Ward Room blog on the Channel 5 site has some of the best political writing around.”

    Where, my tone deaf friends, are you ‘hearing’ that? Dial up that hearing-aid, there son, I do not think the true message is getting through.

    -‘Brest – particular inviting town?’

    -‘Best,political pitchimg mound?’

    ‘-Less, political writing now?’ Perhaps.

    but you’re a fart smeller er, . . . smart feller . . .

    Now, as to the juicy saga of young love . . .I mean . . .

  • don't take it personally.... said:

    Pat Brady is done. I assume even most of the dinosaurs on this blog know that you can’t use the ‘f’ word, and I’m not talking about the 4 letter one.

    New this morning:


  • jmk (author) said:

    the only f word that matters this election is FINANCE

  • don't take it personally.... said:

    I know some Republicans want to pretend like Tinker Bell, and just wish wish wish, really really really really hard that finance or the economy is the only thing that matters. Unfortunately most voters live in the real world and are in touch with reality. Other issues do matter.

    The tin ears displayed here show exactly why the IL GOP could very well blow it again this year.

  • John Powers (author) said:

    If you’re unemployed, or underemployed, a business owner, a parent with school age children, a retiree, single, married, divorced, Democrat, Republican, or independent, the #1 issue in Illinois is Employment.

    I don’t think anyone who is serious about the State of Illinois really gives much priority to the hiring and firing of low level voluntary positions.

    Clownish media campaigns, like the one that the Channel 5 Ward Room is pursuing, are part of the reason that Illinois is in such terrible condition.


  • Fran Eaton said:

    I am not sure the President or head of the Chicago Young Republicans and Executive Director of the Cook GOP counts as “low level.”

    Check yourself.

  • John Powers (author) said:

    Hi Fran,

    With the performance of Cook County Republicans over my lifetime, I would classify most every association with the GOP here as low-to-no level of political influence.


  • Republican said:

    […] Channel 5's Ward Room Cites Definitive Source on Young Republicans: Channel 5 …Chicago Daily ObserverBut, as McLelland has it, this may be part of a patter of Chicago Young Republicans trying to Meet Attractive Conservative Women in Chicago, which sounds … […]

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