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Catch and Release: Frawley Sentenced to 1 Year in Prison

Chicago Daily Observer 20 April 2012 6 Comments

From the Sun-Times

Over three years, Daniel T. Frawley would meet with government agents in an “off-campus,” secret location.

There, he divulged details used in at least a half-dozen different investigations, including the federal government’s case against Tony Rezko, a onetime fundraiser for ex-Gov. Rod Blagojevich and Barack Obama before he became president.

He’d also get wired-up.

In the heat of the investigation by the Chicago’s U.S. Attorney’s office, Frawley secretly recorded Rezko, with whom he once partnered in business.

Some of those details were revealed in a sentencing hearing on Thursday where U.S. District Judge Ronald Guzman sentenced Frawley to one year and one day in prison and ordered him to repay $4.4 million in restitution in a loan fraud case.


Illinois Pay to Play with another take

Consider the pattern of the U.S. Attorney’s catch and release program with regard to those most closely associated with Rezko and Blago.

Frawley was guilty as charged for the crimes he committed years ago. He admitted that. But the way his case has been handled over those years calls into question the motives of the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Illinois.

Has it been about fighting crime?  Or, more about protecting corruption at the highest level of the land?

Frawley’s been a dutiful puppet on federal strings.  And here’s his pay-off.

there not buying everything in the Sun-Times (neither does the Chicago Daily Observer)

Lastly, there’s that nagging question of how the Sun Times got access to a sealed law suit allegedly filed by Frawley against the McMahons.  Who leaked it, and why?  And what are the consequences for leaking a sealed court document?

At Illinois PayToPlay, we’re guessing there are no consequences.


  • ??? said:

    The Sun Times has actually been receiving documents and texts of emails from Daniel Frawley through a so-called “informant.”

    Clearly, Dan Frawley has been supplying the information toward his own ends– a reduced prison sentence vis-à-vis attempting to portray himself as a reformed corruption-fighter, now championing justice. When in reality he’s nothing more than a corrupt crook himself who got caught.

    Frawley possesses no boundaries whatsoever in terms of criminal or anti-social behaviors and has never demonstrated any real remorse, just a desire to save his own hide while profiting from proceeds from a “whistleblower” suit at the same time.

    Revenge and historical jealousy toward his more affluent relatives are further motivations with respect to the “whistleblower” suit.

  • Bessie said:

    Frawley has been forging letters in the names of his relatives and delivering them all over town and the feds know it and are covering for him…The feds don’t know what there in for with keeping up with Frawley’s antics, lawbreaking, forging on and on…

  • ??? said:

    Oh, Bessie…

    You know Frawley is a miserable moron and a freak.

    Let the old, faux “Mr. Tough Guy” – who was just the adult version of the picked-upon kid he was – encounter some real bullies in prison.

    His sisters, who have demonstrated they would do anything for a buck, are just as miserable… They’re not the brightest bulbs, either, and their taste is decidely down-scale. They’re just equally willing to be amoral in their pursuit of money.

    Anyone who has dealt with him knows he’s an idiot. Some favorites are his old stories as a Chicago “copper” (of, wow!, 7-months before he was booted) and his Vietnam vet stories, when he never served.

    But really this stuff of trying to link him with Obama? You’re just facilitating his granduosity. He’s just a buffoon. Leave it at that.

    At least he’s going to prison, and if his history serves as any lesson, he won’t be able to survive there. He can’t even maintain a membership at a health club, for godsakes, and how many restaurants have banned him? He doesn’t have one real friend in the world.

    Really, his ultimate punishment is being himself..!

  • Bessie said:

    ???; His sister Kathleen once testified on behalf of her brother Dan in a staulking case brought by his long time girl-friend…Kathleen admitted to her later that she had to lie because it was Dan “who signed her checks”…Kathleen being a Frawley really thought that this was acceptable reasoning and that the victim in this case should not find her a fault??? The Frawley’s truley have a distorted view of the world.

  • ??? said:

    Kathleen’s almost worse than Dan – although just as greedy, if not more, so – she’s not AS mentally ill, rendering her that much more culpable.

    What was up with Kathleen not being charged in the bank fraud? She was a partner in Frawley Trading.

    Dan’s hardly one to generally take the rap for someone else. He as no loyalty to anyone but himself.

    Too bad his cousin could not nail him on trying to have her husband ASSASSINATED, omg… He has threatened other business associates and their families in the past, too. He then tries to go on about his suicidal tendencies and “chemical imbalance,” to get them to feel sorry for him WHILE he is still threatening. Frawley really should be locked up like the sick dog his is…

  • ??? said:

    Maureen Frawley sounds like she’s moved into the greedy nut-job realm as well as Kathleen. What a bunch of freaks.

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