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Can Fitzgerald Stay Above Water vs East Coast Media Storm?

Dennis Byrne 24 August 2010 2 Comments

Dwell on this: If Fitzgerald resigns or is fired, look at who would name his replacement: President Barack Obama. That would be the same Obama whose pal, Tony Rezko was a major player in the Blagojevich saga. And who was convicted of using political connections to demand kickbacks from businesses that wanted to do business with the state. The same Obama that Blago’s lawyers once threatened to call as a witness in support of Blago. Don’t the sages out East recognize a slight conflict of interest in Obama calling off the hound that is sniffing out corruption in the president’s hometown?

Flatlanders aren’t so dense that they can’t detect the condescension: The case is too complicated for Chicago juries to understand, so best to abandon the prosecution. Or that the line between corruption and Illinois’ way of doing politics is so fuzzy as not to be discernable. Or that few here care about integrity and good government.

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  • Bessie said:

    There is no way Fitzgerald is going to be fired…Anyone who has familiar with “Operation Board Games” and the Rezko/Milorad trail will tell you Fitzgerald has more on Obama than any other defendent he has ever prosecuted…It would be difficult to convince me that Fitzgerald didn’t make a promise to Obama to protect him and minimize the mention of his name at Milorads trial…The prosecutions “letter” excuse not to call Rezko was lame when every witness they have ever called was a self confessed liar. They were afraid he would implicate Obama in the cross and WHY hasn’t anyone sought the 2 hour interview Fitz had with Barack just after Milorads arrest??? I would bet dollars to doughnuts Barry perjured himself and Fitz is protecting him.

  • Gerald Pechenuk said:

    And not to mention the private meeting of Blago and Obama
    on De ember 1, 2008, that turned up in “”unredacted” documents
    at the beginning of the Blago trial!!!

    Yes, that’s right: A private one on one meeting!!!
    Has Obama ever claimed that he was not the one THAT MET

    Was it possibly David Axelrod disguised as Barack Obama,
    meeting with his former promising client, Rod Blagojevich??

    No, it was Barack Obama who met with Rod Blagojevich that day!!

    Yes, the same Barack Obama who said, presumably under oath,
    and basically DIDN”T KNOW NOTHING ABOUT ANYTHING having to do with who would replace him in the US SENATE!!!!!!
    Methinks the crime spree that Fitzgerald was talking about, has some more heretofore unindicted co-conspirators!! Rezko, anyone???

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