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Busting the Budget to Save the Drycleaners

Pat Hickey 18 March 2009 No Comment

Governor Quinn fully expects to serve briefly as Illinois Governor.  His ‘honest’ insistence to raise Illinois Taxes through the roof of common sense comes from Ralph Martire, who helped Governor Rod R. Blagojevich drive the Bus of State off the Moraine.  Ralph Martire is the head of the Center for Tax and Budget Accountability and a professor of economics who has huge Progressive clout in Illinois government going back to Dawn Clark Netsch.  Currently, Ralph Martire has helped Rev./Sen. James Meeks cry out for more school money and pushed the Boiled Beets Progressive forces working with former Governor Blagojevich of Illinois and current Governor Pat Quinn to rally for more taxes.

Ralph Martire warned Illinois that cutting taxes would lead to unemployment!  Really?  For Real? No kidding.  Ralph Martire must be a distinguished professor. Distinguished by a gluey attachment to the radically obvious.  Ralph, when you cut programs you cut jobs.  Jobs of people who are salaried by Taxes!  We get it. Ralph Martire is the Progressive Budget whiz who helped Blagojevich put Illinois on its current fiscal footing – like a morbidly obese dude wearing Styrofoam wingtips, there Ralphie  Boy!

Here’s Ralph Martire with CBS lap-dog Mike Flannery –

“We need quality schools. We need health care. We need to take care of vulnerable populations. We need infrastructure. We should pay for them with current revenue,” Martire argued. “And at least Gov. Quinn is doing that.”

Martire contends that the pro-tax increase analysis of his Center for Tax and Budget Accountability is endorsed by Democrats and even some Republicans.

“Anyone that wants to check us, go the…and you can look at it,” Martire said.

But Tillman countered, “Mr. Martire and Gov. Quinnn are advocating policies that have been tried in California. And people are leaving in droves from California, because policies don’t work.”

Schools!  Health Care!  Baby Ducks!  Dry-Cleaners!  Oh, Yeah, Dry-Cleaners – like Ralph said ‘You can look at it!’  Sing it,Ralph!

Current Illinois Governor Pat Quinn must not like the job much as he clefts to Ralph Martire’s Budgetary Gospel.  I reacted to this morning’s article from the Peoria Journal in which the Tax and Tag –Team of Martire/Quinn put the nail in the Governor’s coffin:

“What should the state do to balance the budget? Cut spending or raise taxes and maintain spending,” Martire said.

In fact, Quinn said last week, he plans to do both. When he delivers his budget speech Wednesday, Quinn plans to ask for an increase in the state income tax, something that hasn’t happened in Illinois since 1993, when the current 3 percent personal rate was made permanent. Quinn also said he will announce more than $800 million in cuts to the budget.

Quinn hasn’t said how large a tax increase he will seek, although some reports have said he will ask for a new rate of 4.5 percent, a 50 percent increase. An increase of that magnitude would raise more than $4 billion in new revenue.

However, Quinn also will ask for the state personal income tax exemption to increase from $2,000 to $6,000 to offset the impact of the tax hike.

Martire thinks the income tax increase should be even larger. What’s more, he thinks Quinn also should adjust the state sales tax while lawmakers are debating revenue increases. ( Bold Text my own)

I looked at the 2009 Illinois Budget and low and behold I found this Save the Children Boondoggle  in the early pages.   On page 2 0f the 31 page Budget Recommendations you will find this:

Drycleaner Environmental Response Trust Fund Counci

(FY 2007 Actual Appropriation $7,000) ( FY 2007 Actual Expenditure 3,518)

(FY 2008 Actual Appropriation 6,860)   ( FY2008 Actula Expenditure 5,641)

(FY2009 Recommended Appropriation $6,860)

Ralph!  Guv!  The Drycleaner Environmenta; Response Trust Fund?? It’s a Green Thing! It has more clout than the Illinois Civil Service Commission and  the Illinois Labor Relations Board combined!

Get this – and I quote “The Illinois Drycleaner Environmental Response Trust Fund was developed to assist drycleaner operators in the cleanup of soil and groundwater contamination caused by drycleaning solvents.”

Ralph Martire, ladies and gentleman,of Center for Tax and Budget Accountability!  He’ll be back, Folks!  Ralph never leaves!

Pat Quinn, on the other hand  . . . he must hate the job!


Pat Hickey is a regular contributor to the Chicago Daily Observer

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