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“Cap and Trade” is Capital Punishment for the US Economy

Daniel J. Kelley 29 June 2009 13 Comments

“I love America. That’s why it has to be destroyed.“

The quotation cited above comes from a liberal character in the 2008 satirical comedy “An American Carol.” David Zucker’s film skewered the American political left for its arrogance and its hypocrisy. Sadly, one can easily see President Obama or some member of his administration expressing a similar oxymoronic sentiment to explain its peculiar and destructive policies.

Obama seems intent upon destroying the American love affair with the automobile by crippling the auto industry and laying waste to the larger economy. If no one can afford to drive a car, it follows that fuel consumption will decline and pollution will decrease. It is almost reminiscent of an episode of the science fiction television series “Doctor Who” in which the misguided leaders of a radical environmental movement were exposed as dangerous and genocidal frauds. Their futuristic plan to save the planet from pollution in the television program turned out to be premised upon eradicating nine tenths of the world’s population. Fewer humans meant less pollution and more abundant resources for those interested in returning the Earth to a pristine Golden Age. That scenario was, of course, fiction. Obama’s plan is a nightmare reality.

I mistrust the administration claims that heretofore unknown or economically unviable alternative “green energies,” including those which cannot be produced without generous government subsidies, are going to make everything work in the future. The policies of the failed Soviet Union exposed the fallacy that governments can dictate to researchers that scientific progress can be achieved on a decreed timetable.

Years ago, I asked my father why our family seemed to have a definite preference for Ford automobiles. My dad explained to me that when his grandfather operated a rural hardware store, almost ninety years ago, that Ford Motors shipped its cars via rail to the store. Upon delivery of the freight, the crates were opened and the cars would be assembled on site for customers. With a few exceptions, we have been a family of loyal Ford customers ever since. John Dillinger, himself, wrote a letter praising Ford cars for their reliability. My dad’s story was similar to others that I have heard over the years. When I attended college, a local family, the Koehlers, owned a car dealership. Previously, their family business had been harness making. Likewise, the Studebaker family of Indiana had been wagon makers before adapting to the new era by switching over to automobile production. The normal progression is for an outmoded technology to be replaced as soon as a new technology is perfected to replace it. Not so, in Obama land where the legislature will simply dictate technological changes to industry.

The supine bozos in Congress, including our own Representative Mark Kirk (R-10th),  have passed a “Cap and Trade” bill in advance of any economically viable alternative energies being developed to replace coal and oil. Does this mean that the Kennedy family is going to permit windmills to be placed near their estate in Hyannisport? I highly doubt it. It seems more likely that you will be taxed to operate your car, compelled to purchase a government authorized vehicle that resembles a circus clown car or to ride public transportation.

When the most stringent provisions take effect, a visit to a gas station is going to be beyond the means of most middle class wage earners. How many people know where to purchase a car that can reliably travel seventy miles on a single gallon of gasoline? To be sure, the legislation contains provisions to subsidize green energy alternatives and to award prizes to inventors who can create the new technologies to replace fossil fuels. In saner times, a new invention or technology was tested, proven and made available before an older method of performing a task was eliminated by consumers.

America has abundant natural resources, but the Congress will not allow the oil and minerals be processed and refined due to the environmentalists. A component of higher gasoline prices is the fact that no new oil refineries have been built to keep pace with demand since the Seventies. Apart from food processing, most manufacturing has departed the USA to be performed abroad in order to escape the regulatory agencies that have handicapped businesses in America. It is more important that the barren tundra of Northern Alaska be maintained to support mosquitoes and warbler flies than to pump oil to the lower forty-eight states.

The legislation, which still must be approved by the Senate, has little to do with climate change or saving the environment. It will represent the most massive increase in taxes and expenses in history combined with the largest expansion of the government bureaucracy since World War Two. Government apparatchiks will be able to regulate our lives to an unimaginable degree.

The Waxman/Markey bill had to be rushed through because opposition was growing to the legislation. Former Vice President Albert Gore, Jr., was prevailed upon not to lobby for the legislation in person for fear that his appearance might prompt a backlash against the bill. If the legislation had been fully debated, in all likelihood it would have been defeated or tabled. As things turned out, after all of the unethical stunts coordinated by Rahm Emanuel and Nancy Pelosi in the past week, the bill passed by a vote of 219-212.

The legislation passed by the House yesterday reminded me of the emergency enabling act passed by the German Reichstag that legally transferred supreme power to a certain chancellor seeking to impose dictatorial rule. That infamous act was passed on account of an urgent crisis also. Will the Congressional Democrats someday seek to outlaw all opposition parties too?  As a disciple of Saul Alinsky, how far can we trust President Obama to tell us the truth?

The final bill, which numbered over a thousand pages, including a three hundred page amendment slipped into the legislation during the wee, small  hours of the morning, could not possibly have been read by all of the representatives who voted blindly for the bogus bill to fight the phony crisis of global warming. The scientific data to support such legislation has been twisted and perverted by an administration that is ready, willing and able to lie to the public to achieve its ends. There is no consensus that the crisis described by the Obama administration actually exists. Other nations which have adopted similar legislative programs are abandoning the schemes.

This type of farce indicates that Obama may have appreciated the shenanigans that occur routinely in the Chicago City Council or  Illinois General Assembly where legislators routinely are called upon to vote without having read bills. Illinois courts have facilitated this fraud in Springfield by proclaiming that “the enrolled bill” doctrine means that legislation is presumptively valid if the entries in the official journal of proceedings indicate that the bills were read the appropriate number of times. In Illinois, no legislative vote is supposed to be called until a bill has been read three times. The General Assembly has been ignoring this provision for years.

Now, for the second time in less than six months, Obama and his operatives have called upon the Congress to pass another massive bill without permitting the representatives an opportunity to read the monstrously long bill and its amendments. Like the stimulus bill, which promoted a new brand of Kenyan economics, as opposed to Keynesian economics, no meaningful discussion was permitted. Is anyone disturbed that Obama seems radically opposed to all of the free market economists who hailed from the University of Chicago? One wonders if he merely has undertaken his programs to demolish capitalism and to eradicate the American economy?

The automobile has been an instrument of freedom which has permitted many people the ability to travel far and wide. Henry Ford revolutionized American industry, raised wages for laborers and made automobile ownership affordable for the working man. Prior to the arrival of the Ford Model T, automobiles were a luxury item available only to the elites. Obama and his Luddite followers would change all that and return us to an era when only the wealthy could afford motor cars. They care nothing for the rules that they have imposed upon us since they will be largely exempted from compliance.

Daniel J. Kelley is a regular contributor to “The Chicago Daily Observer.


  • Pat Hickey said:


    This a fine analysis of the culture of ease.

    Small, family operated businesses are being all but disappeared, via idiotic zoning and the folly of political self-interest.

    Mega-stores and Mega-labor ( SEIU) have worked overtime to elimate the American middle class; thus, creating a work force of no skilled and low skilled dependent clients and obliterating main street competition with J.J. Fridays; Wal-Marts; McDonalds; & etc. – now, the targets are Ford, GM American Health Industries & etc. – the collective will to go collective.

    I will not go to McDonalds, or Wal-Mart, much less a Doc-in-the-Box health clinic. The sad thing is that every Wal-Mart parking lot is thick with cars and SUVs sporting -UNION PROUD bumper stickers and families looking for a quality meal would buy-pass a family owned and run restaurant for the swill at Outback Steakhouse.

    Chrysler dealerships get closed by government fiat – until every drives a Hybrid built by Fiat.

    We are a weird people, Americans.

  • Frank DeBarnone said:

    What the heck was it that \"Wingnut said:\" ?

    That was the most difficult to read comment to a commentary I have ever read. JMJ Wingnut!?!?! At least you know how to pick a name for yourself.

  • Chip said:

    Wingnut, Excuse me, I didn’t understand a thing you said. Sorry about that. I do the feeling however you don’t like it here in America, my suggestion, find somewhere better to live.(If you can)

  • Dan Kelley said:

    For the benefit of our comment readers who are joining the debate later, there was a bizarre comment posted by an individual identifying himself as “Wingnut.”

    This initial comment, which did not relate to the “Cap and Trade” topic or advance the online discussion was removed, but, as several subsequent posts indicate, it did annoy several persons who posted comments afterwards.

  • Rmoen said:

    As a nation we need clean, cheap energy — not clean, expensive energy. I am a Democrat and think Congress is overplaying its hand. I fear cap and trade legislation will double our cost of energy over the years — even faster for gasoline. Plus, unintended consequences will abound. The bill is too complicated, with too many moving parts. Why? There are 880 lobbyists registered to lobby on climate change and their fingerprints are all over the bill.

    Cap and trade will enrich a new class of financial speculator at a cost of billions of dollars to American consumers. It will also drive-out manufacturing of every description. Even non-polluting Microsoft says it will move jobs overseas because cap and trade \"makes U.S. jobs more expensive.\" Cap and trade is worse than a tax because only 15% of the proceeds from auctioned permits go into our national treasury.

    And the kicker? We\’ll never even know if cap and trade ever worked.

    If instead the United States had a national mandate to replace coal generation plants with natural gas and nuclear energy, plus if we replaced our commuter cars with battery-powered electric cars, we would drastically reduce our dependence on foreign oil and reduce CO2 emissions faster and beyond the proposed cap and trade targets.

    — Robert Moen, http://www.energyplanUSA.com

  • Wingnut said:

    Censorship, ain’t it great? Classy! Did ya get a little power fixation from the censoring, Dannyboy? You talked about economies, and so did I. Off topic, huh? Hardly. Have fun with your power tripping.

  • John Powers said:

    Hi Larry,

    Removing comments that are just not that relevant to the story is not censorship, it is an editorial decision.

    Your comment has many places to land on the internet, and I am sure you can find a more appropriate audience somewhere else than at CDOBs.com


  • Dan Kelley said:

    Every publication has to maintain its standards. Every newspaper has an editor assigned to review letters before the reader responses are printed.

    You are always free to establish your own weblog to disseminate your viewpoints.

    I am not sure exactly what my column had to do with your objection to symbols depicted on currency issued by the Treasury Department.

  • April said:

    Dear Robert Moen,

    We can be independent of foreing oil, we have our own, who/what are we hording it for? I choose to driver 40 miles each way to work, I carpool with my husband. We liketo take long drives in the country to see the mass expanses of forest and rolling hills. I am not about to hop in a battery powered car, hoping I can putter over the hills. America is/was a great country, our elected and appointed leaders have screwed us. They are power hungry, they have self loving and loath the little guy, you know me and you types. We can be energy independent, which will lead to financial independence. But BOo is not a true American, he is not going to do what is best for all, but what is best for Islam and his brothas. He was a mistake from conception….wish his mother had made the right choice…. WE would be better off with anyone, that is anyone that believes in the Constitution…..ANyone that can honestly pledge their Allegiance to this great nation, Our flag. BOo is wrong for this country, he is a mistacke America will have to live with.
    RED= China
    White= Our Constitution has been surrendered
    Blue= Dems and Liberal Rep Traitors
    Celebrate on July 4th, it will probably be our last….thank you Mr. President.

  • Wingnut said:

    Careful April. If you don’t talk about exactly what the gestapo blog controllers want you to talk about, they’ll yank-out your microphone cable. By the way, I agree wholeheartedly with your words, April. But this author talks about bickerings and blame-a-thons inside the imperialism, and not about the actual problem, the imperialism SYSTEM itself.

    Was April’s post on-subject according to the controllers here? We’ll soon see.

  • Wingnut said:

    BTW, its not 8:09 PM anywhere NEAR Chicago right now. Strange.

  • B. Johnson said:

    Please bear with the following analysis of illegal federal government spending.

    First, not only did the Founders make the 10th A. to reserve the lion\\\\\\\’s share of government power to serve the people to the states, not the Oval Office and Congress, but Chief Justice Marshall had established the following case precedent, now wrongly ignored, which appropriately limits the power of the feds to lay taxes.

    <blockquote>\\\\"Congress is not empowered to tax for those purposes which are within the exclusive province of the States.\\\\" –Chief Justice Marshall, <a href=\\\\"http://supreme.justia.com/us/22/1/case.html\\\\">GIBBONS V. OGDEN (1824)</a></blockquote>

    So where did the country go wrong as evidenced by today\\\\\\\’s illegal federal taxation and spending mess?

    Yes, the corrupt USSC perverted the general welfare clause (Article I, Section 8, Clause 1) with an unreasonably wide interpretation of it in order give the green light to FDR\\\\\\\’s constitutionally unauthorized federal spending programs. But the USSC was not the only culprit where illegal federal spending is concerned, in my opinion. Please consider the following.

    Note that the Founders originally established the federal Senate to give the state governments a distinct voice / vote in the federal government. This is evidenced by Article I, Section 3, Clause 1.

    <blockquote>\\\\"The Senate of the United States shall be composed of two Senators from each State, chosen by the Legislature thereof, for six Years; and each Senator shall have one Vote.\\\\"</blockquote>

    However, before 1913, it seems that state sovereignty-ignorant voters were electing \\\\"leaders\\\\" to their state governments who were arguably as ignorant of 10th A. protected state powers as the voters were. This is evidenced by the fact that the state lawmakers unthinkingly ratified the ill-conceived, anti-state sovereignty 16th and 17th Amendments at the request of the corrupt, power-hungry Congress in 1913, essentially giving up control of the federal Senate, their only voice in the federal government. And it\\\\\\\’s no surprise that the voters seemingly started using their new 17th A. powers to fill federal Senate seats with lawmakers who were as clueless about state sovereignty as the lawmakers that the voters had been electing to the state governments were.

    So by the time that constitutionally clueless, big-shot spender FDR showed up on the scene in the 1930s, there was evidently not enough state sovereignty-savvy leaders left in the federal Senate to stop FDR from usurping state powers when he established his illegal New Deal spending programs.

    Ignorance begs tyranny.

  • AntonioSosa said:

    Lies, manipulation, intimidation and bribes were used to force the House to pass Obama’s economy killing bill! House members were not given time even to read the bill!

    Obama and his accomplices thus trampled on our human right to be represented and defended by our Legislative body.

    Obama’s Cap and trade is another giant step towards Marxism — and the corruption, poverty, enslavement, destruction and despair that Marxism entails.

    Obama is working much faster than Hugo Chavez at destroying the economy and imposing Marxism. No wonder the Russians are gloating:

    From Pravda: “…the American descent into Marxism is happening with breath taking speed, against the back drop of a passive, hapless sheeple, excuse me dear reader, I meant people…” http://english.pravda.ru/opinion/columnists/107459-american_capitalism-0

    We must do whatever is necessary to defend ourselves and our children from from Obama and his accomplices.

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