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Can The Media Conjure Up a “Hate Crime” on the Far South Side?

Pat Hickey 26 June 2009 10 Comments

A single black mother renting in Mount Greenwood had her garage victimized by Hate Criminals. Some person or persons painted the garage on the property she rents with hate words. Kids most likely. Kids.

Kennedy Park, in my Morgan Park neighborhood, had its property victimized by Hate Criminals. Some person or persons painted Swastikas on the Chicago Park District Property. Kids most likely. Kids.

The Chicago Sun Times News Group has gone flat-out to raise these crimes against property to the level of Group Hate.

A Southtown Star columnist, who used the demise of the South Side Irish Parade as a dunghill from which to crow an accusation that the Parade was spawned by Group Hate, Phil Kadner wrote about the Swastika incident as another example of the Hate Accepted by this neighborhood.  That is as quantum a leap in logic as can be had, but quite the norm in Progressive agenda journalism – where State Legislators who vote against a tax increase are howled at as cowards and anti-Abortion citizens deemed hit-people.

Phil Kadner stated in his Parade column that, “According to neighborhood legend, the South Side Irish Parade was launched by two families that fondly recalled the original St. Patrick’s Day Parade on 79th Street. It seems to me it really grew in popularity about the time the Daley clan was out of power, Harold Washington was mayor, and the Irish of the 19th Ward decided to secede from Chicago.”

Phil Kadner ignored the historical fact that the Parade was up and running while Jane Byrne was mayor and that the parade, in fact,  began with the Hendrys and Coakleys and little kids in wagons, but Phil Kadner needs to manufacture hate.  The 19th Ward is not a Bosnia, Chechnya, or Lebanon – like many Chicago neighborhoods and Public Schools seem to be; therefore, find something to tag with Hate paint, or ink.

Morgan Park, Beverly and Mount Greenwood are what the Media call ‘white flight; close-knit ethnic; hostile to blacks; systemic racist’ neighborhoods.  They are not anything close to that.

Happy people live here. People live happy lives when they contribute to successful outcomes of life as the result of devotion to Faith, Family, Friends, as well as hard work, thrift, care for property – their own and others, mutual respect and community involvement. Happy people stand in the way of the Progressive mindset which controls the Media. This mindset is moved by programs funded by government and restrictions on Freedom of individuals. Everyone must accept Abortion as a Reproductive Health Issue and Gay Marriage as the reason Patriots froze at Valley Forge and in the Chosin Reservoir.

Progressives hate happy people. Happy people do not need Ordinances or Beefed Up Police Presence to not go around throwing shots from a 9mm or a Tech 9. Progressives need very unhappy people in order to have something to say. Progressives need Coalitions to get People in T-shirts and marching. Unhappy people generate more tax dollars for Public Schools that are killing grounds. Progressives hate Catholic Schools, because Catholic Schools work and now Progressives hate Charter Schools, because they too seem to work. Progressives hate, it seems to me, whatever they can not control, much less understand. Progressives are not stupid. They do not slap slogans on with paint – they use the Media. Please, save all the Hannah Arendt “Banality of Evil” and little Eichmanns for the Ward Churchill and Billy Ayers Roundtables on Channel 11.

I live by the tracks. The trains carry weed seedlings from all over this great country of ours. I use a lawn service. Tru-Green Chem Lawn.  I am a lousy gardener . . . as well as most other things. However, I have fewer weeds. Occasionally, I need to go out and pull some weeds and dandelions. Somehow they got through.

Somehow, a garage got painted with Hate against a black lady and her kids in Mount Greenwood. Somehow, Swastikas got painted on Kennedy Park Property. In the most recent incident Souttown Star reporter Steve Mesch at least asked some of my neighbors about how to deal with the Swastikas.

Now, mind you, were this not asked by a reporter from an agenda hot Media Group, a normal answer might have been “paint over the God Damn Swastikas.” Instead, Group Guilt answers were needed. An editor or a columnist declared, “Let’s put some sexy hate in this story and really link up two property crimes into a meatloaf of race hate.”

However, after speaking to the police, Mr. Mesch, was treated to the honesty of my neighbors:

“It’s probably kids,” one officer said.  If police do find whoever is responsible, jail may be too strong a punishment, said Terry McEldowney. He has something else in mind.

“They ought to slap the (expletive) out of them. Take the cuffs off the cops’ hands and let them slap ‘em around,” said McEldowney, of the West Beverly neighborhood.

“I’m offended that somebody’s that stupid to do something like that. It’s gotta be kids, right, acting like a fool? I mean the swastika represents everything that’s wrong with the ’30s and ’40s. It’s horrible. This is absolutely uncalled for. It’s wrong. You can’t do that stuff,” said McEldowney, 63. ( emphasis my own)

McEldowney, who is white, noted that the 19th Ward “is pretty well integrated.”

When black and white children were leaving a summer camp at the park, Melissa Wilson walked up to pick up her son and daughter.
Wilson, who is white, was shocked to learn of the graffiti “especially after that incident with the lady’s garage.”

“It’s disturbing, especially if it’s kids doing it. They may not know why people would be upset. Or they’re doing it for a reason.

“This is a neighborhood park. We’re lucky to have this park,” Wilson said.

Tom LePretre, president of the Kennedy Park/West Morgan Park Civic Association, was not available for comment Tuesday. His wife, Jennifer, called the graffiti, “very unusual because we are a diverse community.”

Yep, my neighbors are black, Mexican and close-knit ethnic Catholic. On Friday, we helped siphon out the Mexican guy’s basement – I feel your pain, Brother!  My basement floods every time someone cries in my neighborhood. Thank God, Happy People are not whiners and criers.

STNG will link two crimes against property and nuance a string of editorials and columns by Phil Kadner, who, it seems to me, can’t stand his readership, declaring Group Guilt.

There are no white on black crimes to report. No shootings of black kids by gangs of white kids. No Mutilations. No Burnings. No Hate Speech. No Jim Crow. No Profiling. Happy people do not hate, because they are too busy working, achieving, coaching, playing, mentoring and engaging in acts of charity.

Hate is being manufactured out of nothing. Like the weeds the problem of the garage painting and hateful slurs and the Swastikas appeared. Paint over them and get on with life. That is what happy and fulfilled and important people do.

The Hate will pour out from the Media. It’s easier than living a happy life.

Pat Hickey is a regular columnist for the Chicago Daily Observer

image Beverly Castle, a landmark in the Beverly Neighborhood


  • Jerry Fahey said:


    donchya tink you shoulda linked to da column and the reporters story?

    <a href=\\"http://www.southtownstar.com/news/kadner/1634712,062309Kadner.article\\">Link to Kadner column</a>

    As a former resident of da 19th Ward I think Kadner made a few good points. It\\\’s a long very personal column.

    It\\\’s possible to both read too much and too little into this incident.

    Yeah, it\\\’s likely some eejit kids, but eejit kids can do damage.

    I often disagree with Kadner, but I generally find him to be a better columnist than those who write for the \\"two bigs\\" in town. That is not high praise.

    Life is as seldom black and white as either you or Mr Kadner would like to believe. Perhaps I shoulda used the word \\"ambiguous\\" somewhere as the \\"black and white\\" comment could be taken as \\"sarcastic\\".

  • Jerry Fahey said:

    Apparently I don’t know how to link correctly.

    Just copy and paste this.


  • Pat Hickey said:


    Sorry, thought I had the links on my draft. Thanks.


  • JB said:

    I don’t know Mr. Hickey…as recently as the late 1970s, there were instances of race riots and violent opposition to integrated neighborhods in Chicago. Is it such a stretch that with the current economic downturn and our first Black president, that some Whites are getting a bit anxious? I can see it. Can you?

  • Pat Hickey said:


    Riots? Not at all. Fabrications and inflations of incidents to be sure, as well as ‘genuine concern’ by the media with regard to the ‘attitde of white residents.’

    Last night, I watched four black kids and eleven white ( mostly Micks) ‘tweens play bean bag for a good hour. No hostility, other than ‘it’s a point! Fatass, open your eyes!’

    Having a conclusion ( ‘everyone knows that this neighborhood is racist’) prior to inquiry is Progressive thought – thanks to John Dewey.

    I have heard stronger racial epithets hurled by young hipsters as part of the witty banter in Jimmy’s Woodlawn Tap ( as recently as last week when Uof C grads celebrated) and in a bookstore in the Flat-iron neighborhood than in Kennedy Park.

    If you and the Media have already panned the roller full of paint for the people who live her, wonderful! Accept and believe what you will.

    What actually takes place around me is much more important than what others might hold to be true; nevertheless, I reserve the right to express less popular, but actual representation of that reality.

    The Southtown merely wants to crow and sell a few sheets as well attempt to bully public officials and say they did.

    Phil Kadner seemed to have gone rougue on his neighbors, when the agenda of his News Group told him to do so; he is still employed.

    I admired Mr. Kadner as a liberal thinker and talented writer, but now will ignore him as Progressive hack – but, that’s just me.

    You did ask,JB.

  • Jerry Fahey said:


    in true conservative talking point fashion you are taking one column and trying to turn it into a media group attacking a working class neighborhood with their elitist values and distortions of reality. Perhaps your writing talent is on loan from God or at least Mr Limbaugh.

    I don’t think Kadner was wrong to suggest perhaps it would have been nice if Alderman Rugai or some other leaders had condemned the nature of the graffiti and the graffiti itself. Of course the idiots who painted the graffiti might have enjoyed the publicity and drama. That might be a stretch though. I\’m guessing they are not the most informed of local youth.

    You’re right in suggesting that racism is not just limited to that neighborhood. It may be more subtle in Lincoln Park or Kenilworth or even dare I say Hyde Park, but it exists everywhere.

    That doesn’t mean that the graffiti in Morgan Park should be ignored.

    One thing I miss about the media of old is they had the staff and resources to do long stories or even series of stories on big issues. Those days are gone.

    Unfortunately, we have largely become a culture of sound bites and no longer have the nuanced stories that show how complicated these stories truly are.

  • Jerry Fahey said:

    I missed commenting on something JB said.

    I don\\\’t recall any \\"race riots\\" in the 70\\\’s in Chicago.

    There was riots in Humboldt Park where cars were burned and some other stupidity.

    I do recall the Marquette Park based Illinois Nazis marching in various neighborhoods and suburbs, but no riots accompanied the pea brained, Swastika clad, tubby goons.

    Was there racial violence. Yes. Were there protests where groups of white people, largely women, marched against letting black kids into schools. Yes. Rioting? No.

    The greater Beverly-Mount Greenwood area was not the equivalent of SOUTHIE in Boston.

  • MaryEllen said:

    For all anybody knows, the graffiti could have been done by black kids, too. And I don’t really think too many people younger than 60 are even cognizant of what a swastika stands for. As for racism, what about that poor kid who got his head bashed in while walking through Kennedy Park? That wasn’t considered a hate crime – why not? I’m so sick and tired of hate crimes. A crime is a crime is a crime. Period.

    Having said that, I hope the black lady’s neighbors are treating her well and I hope she understands that most of us don’t feel animosity toward anyone just because of their skin color. Nor do we appreciate graffiti of any kind, either. We used to live in Gage Park which is “decorated” on every surface possible. It’s disgusting. But not racist.

  • Pat Hickey said:


    As I noted in my column, The Southtown Star will continue to yank a scab, where there is not even a bruise.

    True, no one has been caught spray painting, but it is assumed that white racists did both property crimes, because the Dewey-esque belief is that white racists needed to do that and so the inquiry will make that plain to people who already believe what they care to believe.

    Nevertheless, the STNG will hammer away – in this morning offering Lauren Fitzpatrick, a staff writer, has been tasked to bring in an African American Chair of African American Studies at WI to prove the inquiry – which is already the conclusion of the soon to be extinct STNG.

    -Graffiti can be art. It can threaten, insult, point out drugs, mark turf. And graffiti lets out what the sprayer feels he can\’t say out loud. But whether that voice is frustrated because his message is illegal, offensive or just childish, vandalism might depend on where the painting shows up.

    Like the racist graffiti found June 16 on the garage door of a black family in Chicago\’s Mount Greenwood community, saying \"Go home, nigger\" alongside a Nazi swastika. Another nearby garage at 110th Streetand Troy Street also had a racial epithet sprayed across \"It\’s a voice for people who feel voiceless,\" said Craig Warner, who chairs the Afro-American Studies department at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. \"It\’s a way of asserting your presence, asserting your reality in a world you feel is denying you fundamentally.

    \"And that means that it\’s intrinsically fluid in terms of what the specifics mean: Different places, different times, different groups feel invisible.\"


    Sgt. Dennis Kettering of the Morgan Park Police District called the racist words on the black family\’s home \"probably kid stuff,\" saying, \"We don\’t see a lot of (graffiti) out here.\"

    Those White racists feel denied, Werner said. –

    Thanks Doc!

    Those White Racists? The ones caught? The Ones Inquiry is Proving Did the Deed.

    The STNG, from what I hear from STNG insiders might not make it through July.

    If that be the case, The Southtown Economist, The Daily Southtown will be missed – The Southtown Star committed suicide.

  • Rapnsum said:

    Speaking of Hate? Have you seen Maafa21??? Get that film and see how racism is alive and well in the US of A.

    Check it out: http://www.maafa21.com

    A MUST SEE for SURE !!!!!

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