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Trump vs. Intelligence

Don Rose 10 January 2017 No Comment

Still trying to figure out why the president-elect is so allergic to the idea that Russia hacked aspects of our recent election–especially the idea that it was done to help him or hurt Hillary Clinton? A bizarre allergy that puts him at odds with every US intelligence agency?


    There are two possible answers and both may apply.

     The obvious one is that any suggestion he did not win his electoral-college victory all by himself–let alone with help from a foreign power–is a huge blow to his gargantuan self-esteem. As we know, he is  promoting the legend–outright lie–that he won an historic electoral landslide.

   Pure BS. His mortal enemy Barack Obama had margins of 57 and 32 more EVs than Lyin’ Donald’s 306. Trump’s margin ranks 46th among 50-odd presidentials.

  He also tries to dismiss Clinton’s 2.8 million popular vote margin by claiming against all evidence that hundreds of thousands–maybe millions–of “illegals” voted for her–which would be the most massive vote fraud in American history. More BS,

   If this was just more of his monstrous egomania we could laugh it off. But it becomes dangerous when it threatens to damage the national and international usefulness of our entire intelligence network.

   This is not to say that the CIA, FBI and NSA are flawless. As we know, the CIA has not only thrown monkey wrenches into the elections in other countries, especially during the Cold War, but has been involved in assassinations. Decades ago a congressional investigation exposed most of its misdeeds. Needless to say, the FBI under J. Edgar Hoover was a malign political force–while just before this election one of Hoover’s malign successors, James Comey, seriously overstepped his role and became the principal–but not sole–cause of Clinton’s loss.

   So, yes, one can be rightly skeptical of what those agencies do and say. But in a rare action they issued a joint report making a solid case  that Putin was behind hacking and disseminating  embarrassing Clinton emails and fake news designed to hurt her. So  Trump attacks them, which could prove dangerous in many ways.

    But the second reason is far more sinister. The Trump-Putin-Oligarch romance clearly has a major financial component. Many of Trump’s unrevealed business deals are tied into Russia, as his son admits.  Add to this the appointment of ExxonMobil chief Rex Tillerson as secretary of state, who does big business with  Russia  and has been honored by Putin, and you have a potentially explosive mix.

   Oh, yes–throw in conspiracy theorist and global warrior Lt.Gen. Michael Flynn, fired as head of the Defense Intelligence Agency but appointed Trump’s national security advisor. He has his own strange ties to Russia.  You really wonder what the hell is going on. Or what might.

    Putin plays Trump like a Stradivarius. After Putin’s incursions into Georgia and Ukraine, with his eye on the Baltics and efforts to weaken the European Union and NATO, one wonders how much more this American triumverate is willing to let him get away with. And who is pocketing the cash.

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