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[29 Aug 2019 | No Comment | ]

Kind of like in the “Book of Job,” he that giveth can taketh away. Like former Skokie state Representative Lou Lang, who is the Niles Township Democratic committeeman, is doing with the man he appointed for his Springfield gig.
Apparently, he that voteth wrong can also be voteth out. Or dumped, as the case may be, with first-year state Representative Yehiel “Mark” Kalish, an Orthodox Jewish rabbi who Lang appointed to the 16th Illinois House District House seat in January. At the screening, 23 candidates sought the appointment.
“He (Kalish) violated his …

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[25 Apr 2019 | No Comment | ]

A chief prosecutor’s worst nightmare, as Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx is discovering to her ongoing horror, is for his/her office to mis-prosecute or not prosecute at all – and then have to explain it.
It is not unusual to over-prosecute, which means piling on more charges (or counts in an indictment) to encourage a plea bargain and get a conviction, or to under-prosecute, which means there is some legal or evidentiary flaw and the case will later be tossed with fines and fees, creating a nuisance deterrent for the …

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[30 Apr 2018 | One Comment | ]

To anoint or to appoint? That is the legal question surrounding the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District seat of the late Commissioner Tim Bradford, who died on December 1.
The MWRD is an independent agency created in 1889 by the Illinois legislature to treat and dispose of solid and liquid waste in Cook County, so the governor has authority to make appointments should any of the nine seats become vacant. But the county clerk and state’s attorney made a rushed and legally dubious 2017 decision to put the Bradford vacancy on the …

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[1 Feb 2018 | No Comment | ]

The career of state Senator Ira Silverstein (D-8) is hanging by a thread – or, more accurately, by two signatures on his nominating petitions and by how much money Ram Villivalam can raise and spend, and how negatively anti-Silverstein he wants his campaign to be. Made toxic by allegations of sexual harassment during 2015-16,

Silverstein got some much-needed good news recently.

First, Special Legislative Inspector General Julie Porter made a finding on Jan. 25 that Silverstein’s e-mails to Denise Rotheimer, a lobbyist who wanted him to sponsor a bill that would benefit …

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[14 Dec 2017 | One Comment | ]

With filing having closed on Dec. 4, the 2018 political season is upon us. It can be classically characterized as this: It’s ALMOST ABOUT THE SAME.
That means it’s almost about the same kind of tiresome and irritating candidates who ran in the past, almost about the same kind of turgid rhetoric, illusions and delusions of previous campaigns, almost about the same deluge of pernicious television ads, and almost about the same outcomes. Wake me when it’s over, or hand me a beer.
Too bad politics is not more like football, where …

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[6 Dec 2017 | 4 Comments | ]

“Marginalization” is a word coined by political pundits. It means on the edge, the periphery – a political faction or movement which is inconsequential, irrelevant and/or ridiculously impotent.

Like Republicans in Illinois, who are on the edge of the state’s overwhelmingly Democratic majority, which grows with every passing election.. Without Governor Bruce Rauner and his millions, there would be no Illinois Republican party.

He, and he alone, has made the party less marginalized that it would otherwise be. And he has done that by demonizing Mike Madigan, blaming the Democrats for Springfield …

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[11 Aug 2017 | No Comment | ]

For field goal kickers and punters in football, as well as for astute politicians, distance is the difference between winning and losing.

In 2018, Republican candidates will be busily putting distance between themselves and President Donald Trump. And in 2019, those Northwest Side Chicago aldermen who don’t distance themselves from Mayor Rahm Emanuel will be at serious political risk.

In recent years, Emanuel has imposed a phone tax, jacked-up water rates to cover one city pension shortfall, increased property taxes to cover teachers’ pensions, and brought in a budget higher every year …

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[14 Jul 2017 | 2 Comments | ]

Mike Madigan, like that poetic old gray mare, just ain’t what he used to be. The speaker is no longer the undisputed master of Springfield. He has failed his members; he has failed his party; and he may have insured the 2018 re-election of Illinois Republican governor Bruce Rauner.
By passing a personal and corporate income tax hike, and a $36.1 billion budget, Madigan has done precisely what he has been trying to avoid for more than 700 days – hang the blame on the Democrats. Madigan wanted to get a …

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[20 Apr 2017 | No Comment | ]

Embattled Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner caught a bit of good news lately: According to a nationwide poll, he’s only America’s eighth-worst governor. He dropped a notch from ninth when Alabama’s governor recently resigned while facing impeachment.

Republican Rauner can look on the bright side: There’s just 41 governors deemed less-worse, and he’s gradually growing less-unpopular. And there are still seven governors viewed as worse, including New Jersey’s Chris Christie.

Conducted by pollster Morning Consult, 85,000 registered voters were surveyed in all 50 states, and asked: Do you approve or disapprove of your …

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[30 Mar 2017 | 2 Comments | ]

Most people who reside in north suburban Evanston think that they are special. While there is a modest amount of black and Hispanic folks around in Evanston, most residents are white, affluent, ideologically “progressive” meaning liberal and Democratic, obsessively politically correct and they think they know what is best.

Evanston, population 74,239, is a city where there is zero-tolerance for anybody who doesn’t think and act like they’re supposed to. Conformity is the norm. They rejected the abominable Donald Trump 34,038-2,808 or 88.4 percent on Nov. 8, which topped Barack Obama’s …