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[15 Nov 2017 | No Comment | ]

Alabamans get to vote yes or no to senate candidate and accused pedophile Roy Moore, who joins the endless parade of producers, actors, journalists, professors and others accused and probably guilty of rape, assault or harassment.
Most have no impact on me other than generalized contempt. But I’ve had personal reactions, apart from disdain, to some of these characters. Certain figures prompt an emotional or intellectual question: Should I boycott or make exceptions and forgive?
Take Bill Cosby–whose comedy and mutual love of jazz I enjoyed. I rarely watched his TV show, …

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[7 Nov 2017 | One Comment | ]

Imagine, if you will, the public outcry from the right if Barack Obama called the American system of criminal justice a “joke” and suggested it is a “laughingstock.” (We all know it is not without flaws, but it seems to work pretty well, cleaning up mistakes through the years.)

Imagine then the reaction if Obama had called for the Department of Justice to prosecute a defeated opponent, say, Sarah Palin, for any of many stupid remarks.
Critics immediately point out that the president cannot order the DOJ to prosecute anyone. There’s a …

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[2 Nov 2017 | 3 Comments | ]

In an administration where lying seems  to be a normal bodily function like eating, breathing and eliminating, the current big lie, promulgated by the Liar in Chief, his megaphone Sarah Huckabee Sanders and their media echo-chambers, is really huge and actually has some Democrats and other anti-Trumpers confused or wondering.

It was emitted soon after the report that an agent for the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee had hired the opposition research firm Fusion GPS to continue seeking negative information on Trump after a conservative website, The Washington Free Beacon, …

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[24 Oct 2017 | One Comment | ]

Former presidential strategist Steve Bannon shocked both the faithful and nonfaithful by predicting Donald Trump has only a 30 percent chance of completing his first term. This from an ardent supporter, while thousands of ardent opponents are hoping, praying and seeking paths to make Trump a less-than-one-term president.

The issues are (1) will he in fact not complete this term and (2) if he doesn’t, why? Those questions were posed to me by a journalist friend who likes to bait me by asking me the unanswerable.
I took the bait.
I believe there …

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[18 Oct 2017 | No Comment | ]

Almost overlooked in Donald Trump’s assaults last week on Obamacare and the Iran nuclear deal was his moronic assault on the First Amendment–you know, the one that guarantees freedom of speech. The man was idiotic enough to suggest challenging the licenses of NBC and networks he accuses of “fake news.”
Where do we begin? With the fact that networks are not licensed, therefore can’t be challenged? Was this total ignorance of the law or just bluster for “the base”?

The print media need no licenses but individual TV and radio stations do. …

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[11 Oct 2017 | One Comment | ]

Poor Mayor Rahm Emanuel, obviously running for third term come 2019, has become a political ping-pong ball, paddled between the Chicago Police Department and the African American and progressive communities.
He won strong support from African Americans in both his 2011 and 2015 victories–which was decisive in the latter. That’s because he had the backing of President Barack Obama, who actually cut commercials for Emanuel in 2015 when County Commissioner Jesus “Chuy” Garcia forced him into the city’s first mayoral runoff election.

It might have been a different picture in 2015 had …

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[5 Oct 2017 | One Comment | ]

Was your response to the devastation of  Puerto Rico so slow, bureaucratic and inadequate because you were too busy tweeting against football players? Or because you didn’t realize Puerto Ricans are Americans and the US has a responsibility to its territories, even if–as you so quaintly put it–“they are an island, surrounded by water, lots of water”? (Amazing observation, sir.)

Or was it because they speak Spanish–the same as Mexicans–and here they usually vote Democratic? Or did you actually believe your acting homeland-security secretary when she called it a “good news” story? …

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[19 Sep 2017 | 3 Comments | ]

Let ‘s momentarily leave  the bizarre menage-a- trois of Donald, Chuck and Nancy and return to Illinois Democrats’ main target, Governor Bruce “The Ruiner” Rauner. He’s the state’s least popular politician–with the possible exception of Speaker of the House and Democratic Chairman Michael Madigan.
But despite his low numbers, he has tons of money–a geyser of his own dollars, replenished by the state’s richest person, Ken Griffin. Remember, Trump was elected with numbers as low as Rauner’s.
More than a half dozen Dems have declared but filing comes in December. Most current evidence suggests …

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[12 Sep 2017 | One Comment | ]

For a couple of decades now, every time there is a mass shooting the country seems to be on the verge of a serious discussion about gun safety and how to achieve it. But thanks to the good offices of the National Rifle Association and its kin, we always cut the discussion short–if it gets under way at all.

This past couple of weeks have seen even more death and destruction and suffering  caused by record climate events than all the  recent shootings combined, but whenever someone raises man-made climate change …

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[6 Sep 2017 | One Comment | ]

One would think damn near every anti-Trumper would know that violence from the left does nothing but play right  into Trump’s hands, but those who call themselves “antifa”–meaning anti-fascists–and their sympathizers don’t seem to get it.
The antifas and their overlapping relatives, contemporary anarchists, haven’t killed anyone to my knowledge, but they’re known for carrying bats and assaulting or fighting with Trump supporters at rallies and meetings–also for  smashing store windows and such.

Violence on the left constitutes only a tiny fraction of that coming from the racist right and alt-right. The …