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[11 Apr 2018 | No Comment | ]

He’s at it again, claiming “millions” of fraudulent votes were cast against him in the 2016 election–alleging mainly undocumented Latinos voted two and three times in California and elsewhere.
    What’s really truly fraudulent is Trump’s claim, which he first made after his election, trying to justify having lost the popular count by nearly three million votes. It also plays into his anti-immigration rhetoric and helps Republicans pushing for voter-suppression laws.
    Let me tell you, people, I’m from Chicago and I know something about vote fraud, having worked to end it since the …

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[3 Apr 2018 | One Comment | ]

If you missed my column last week it was because I was away visiting son and family in Seattle–but what an amazing week to have been off, beginning with the Illinois primary election, wherein Cook County voters dumped Assessor Joe Berrios, one of the most corrupt of the old-line Machine hacks.
Nationally came the good, the bad and the ugly–the best being the magnificent March For Our Lives, a possible inflection point I’ll get back to. But before that came Trump’s tariffs against China, which could lead to a losing trade …

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[21 Mar 2018 | No Comment | ]

If you thought the first year of Trump was bad, just wait for all the turnovers in the cabinet and advisory staff to settle in. The guy who promised nothing but the best and brightest appointments flunked badly in Round One but with his record-level turnovers he is going farther downhill.
   It seems a lot of people he appointed to important positions had the temerity to give him disagreeable advice. As he has often said, he knows best and pays little attention to “the experts.” So he is replacing them with …

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[13 Mar 2018 | 5 Comments | ]

As fans of “The Sting” know, the best of cons is when you con the con-man. Looks to me as if North Korea’s Kim Jong Un is about to pull of that trick against our very own Con-man in Chief, aka Donald Trump, by getting the president to sit down with him across the grown-up’s table–something neither Kim’s father nor grandfather was ever able to pull off.

Without ever saying so directly he’s got Trump thinking he’s ready to talk denuclearization and uniting North and South Korea. What Kim will actually …

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[8 Mar 2018 | One Comment | ]

With apologies to non-Illinoisans, here are my thoughts for certain key offices and two special judicial races.
–Governor: State Sen. DANIEL BISS, on the basis of experience and a generally progressive (but imperfect) record is the candidate of conscience, fighting uphill against billionaire JB Pritzker–who fears Biss and is running viciously negative commercials against him. I initially favored Chris Kennedy, but he has not fought the smart, aggressive campaign expected of a Kennedy.
–Congress: There is one open seat (4th Dist.)and JESUS “CHUY” GARCIA has clearly earned it with years of experience …

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[27 Feb 2018 | No Comment | ]

With apologies to nonresidents of Cook County, this is a special commentary on our most important county race.
    Getting rid of  Assessor Joe Berrios in the Democratic primary is the most important thing we can do for Cook’s 5.3 million residents–except for the handful of  property-tax lawyers and their millionaire clients who get their business and residential assessments and taxes reduced at our expense.
  Those lawyers include several of the state’s most powerful politicians, including Speaker of the House Michael Madigan and Alderman Ed Burke.   Berrios also doubles as Cook County Democratic Chairman, which makes …

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[20 Feb 2018 | One Comment | ]

Two weeks ago Donald Trump refused to execute new sanctions against Russia that were overwhelmingly passed by both houses of Congress. Then, early last week, he ignored the findings of seven top federal cabinet-level officers–including five of his own GOP appointees–who unanimously agreed that Russia meddled in the election and was about to repeat in this year’s mid-terms.

   Until now those were his latest reactions in support of his repeated mantra that the accusations against Russia were a “hoax” devised by the Democrats to explain losing the 2016 election. Part 2 …

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[13 Feb 2018 | One Comment | ]

WARNING–some of these thoughts may be treasonous.
–The best thing to come out of the huge market “correction” is to silence Donald Trump on how he personally was responsible for the rising market.
–Were we duped when we were told that General John Kelly was an “adult” now that he has proven to be an unapologetic liar, a xenophobe and protector of a wife beater? Or was he once a good guy corrupted by exposure to Trump?

–Very clever of Hope Hicks, Trump’s communications director, who had been dating Porter, to draft Kelly’s …

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[6 Feb 2018 | 2 Comments | ]

With all the advance brouhaha over “The Memo” about to be released by Congressman Devin Nunes you’d think we were going get the contemporary equivalent of the notorious 18 missing minutes of  Nixon tapes.
   Instead, we got a lead balloon that couldn’t even be slightly inflated by all the hot air coming out of Sean Hannity’s and Donald Trump’s mouths combined.
   Well before it was made public not only were Democrats pointing out its omissions, inconsistencies and half-truths–which by self definition are half lies–but Republican Sen. John McCain was calling it a dangerous …

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[1 Feb 2018 | One Comment | ]

Strangely, after mistrusting and criticizing–once suing–the FBI for much of my adult life, I find myself in support of the organization’s current presidential investigation.  I feel somewhat the same about the CIA, which concurs that Russia supported Trump’s election. See what Donald Trump does to you?
   Oddly enough–though what is odd anymore?–the reverse thing is happening to most conservatives–especially congressional Republicans, once worshippers of the FBI. (There used to be some moderates among them.)

   These days, again thanks to Trump, one has to search far and wide for a consistent, balanced, fair minded …