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[18 Jul 2017 | No Comment | ]

With apologies to the late Jay Ward, whose animated cartoon “Rocky and Bullwinkle” may have been the best TV kids’ show ever, especially because parents could enjoy its puns and topical references while kids loved the cavorting animals and satirical tales, I offer a contemporary update to the show.
  As things began unwinding for the White House gang last week I could not help but see it all as yet another of the “Fractured Fairy Tales” segments along with other entertaining features of the Rocky and Bullwinkle show, with other …

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[14 Jul 2017 | No Comment | ]

Illinois finally got a budget and Governor Bruce Rauner finally got his comeuppance.
  After 738 days without a budget that included a highly necessary increase in revenues, last Friday the Illinois House over-rode Rauner’s veto of a bipartisan tax-increase. That ended a wild holiday  week of both Senate and House passing the tax increase, Rauner vetoing it, the Senate over-riding the veto with the help of one Republican and Speaker of the House Madigan finally delivering the goods aided by 10 courageous Republicans.

It’s an imperfect law but had the step …

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[12 Jul 2017 | No Comment | ]

Last week came the momentous first meeting of two of the world’s great liars–both heads of state, but as different in style as Sinatra and Eminem. There was Vladimir Putin, smooth, experienced, savvy in world affairs and the former spymaster for the old Soviet Union. Then there was our very own Trump, inexperienced on the world stage and in diplomacy, erratic, undisciplined and often self-contradictory–he once even lied that he had previously met Putin face to face.

   With them were Trump’s novice Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who knows Putin …

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[27 Jun 2017 | No Comment | ]

Who should be the “face” of the Democratic party for the upcoming mid-term elections?  And what should its message be?
Those questions bubbled up like lava following Jon Ossoff’s loss in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District runoff, despite spending millions with the hopes of all brands of Democrats riding on him.

In fact those hopes were excessive based on his showing of 48 percent in the nonpartisan “jungle” primary. Wonderful to think about but essentially beyond reach, especially since he had no message and didn’t even live in the district. But he did …

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[14 Jun 2017 | No Comment | ]

If lies were bricks, Donald trump could already have built his wall along the Mexican border.
He has now promised to testify “under oath” before the special counsel. The question is whether he will, under penalty of perjury, actually do so. If he does not–under claim of executive privilege–it will be among the worst of the promises he has broken.

He also promised to divulge at some vague future date, whether he has tapes or other recordings of his meetings with James Comey. (Fat chance!)
On the other hand, considering his allergic estrangement …

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[6 Jun 2017 | One Comment | ]

I have never seen this country more dangerously divided and possibly at the brink of serious violence.
Set the Civil War aside. I wasn’t around then, so I can only speak of the decades since World War II when I lived through the darkness of McCarthyism, blacklisting and the cold war–then the political and cultural divide brought on by the Civil Rights era and the Vietnam War. These times are worse.

It’s difficult to say whether Trump is the cause or symptom of it all,  but he’s right there worsening the division– …

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[31 May 2017 | 4 Comments | ]

For progressives in Illinois the defeat of GOP Governor Bruce Rauner ranks almost as high as getting rid of Donald Trump. This governor is probably more genuinely mean-spirited than Trump and arguably has done proportionally  more damage–especially to our most vulnerable citizens.

Narrowly elected in this very blue state in 2014 by spending untold millions against a decent but hapless incumbent caught up in a series of mini-scandals, this near-billionaire played the populist game, promising to “shake up” Springfield with  nuclear attacks against  unions and Democratic strongman, Michael Madigan, the eternal, …

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[25 May 2017 | One Comment | ]

Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art is opening a retrospective exhibit of Takashi Murakami’s works titled “The Octopus Eats its Own Leg”–a creepy variation on “the snake swallows its own tail”–but both images strike me as perfect metaphors for what Donald Trump is doing to himself .
    Almost every Trump utterance since the firing of FBI Director James Comey seems to be contributing to a case against himself for obstruction of justice in the various investigations of Russia’s meddling in the recent presidential election and potential collusion of his team members. …

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[16 May 2017 | 2 Comments | ]

Donald Trump is threatening to stop the traditional White House briefings by his official spokespersons, none of whom has developed any credibility with the press. Some, however, are better liars than others and may survive longer..
Trump, of course, is the Liar in Chief. All presidents have lied, but he is a Niagara of untruths spewing so fast and furiously it’s impossible to keep up. Some call him a pathological liar;  others believe he either can’t tell the difference between truth and lies or perhaps is so deluded  that he believes …

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[9 May 2017 | One Comment | ]

I want to depart briefly from the unreal world of Donald Trump, Marine Le Pen, etc. to talk about a new, virtually indispensible book that tells the full story of the federal role in creating and perpetuating America’s greatest shame: racial segregation. It’s called “The Color of Law: A Forgotten History of How our Government Segregated America,” by Richard Rothstein (Liveright, 336 pp, $$27.95 hardcover).
No less a liberal than John F. Kennedy, in an acclaimed speech, spoke of ending “both the de jure segregation of the South and the de …