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[19 Jun 2019 | No Comment | ]

As we approach next week’s Democratic debates, recent polling shows that despite Joe Biden’s consistent double-digit lead, a majority of Democratic voters prefers a clear-cut progressive rather than a mainstream, institutional liberal candidate as personified by the former veep.

   Virtually all the national and state polls show that when you add the numbers for the three outspoken progressives–Senators Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris–they top Biden’s leading number. Add in Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s numbers plus Senator Cory Booker’s and it’s overwhelming, even though Pete is running mainly on generational …

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[30 May 2019 | No Comment | ]

   The producers of its Sunday morning talk show “This Week with George Stephanopoulos” are set to inflict us regularly with the “insights” of a pair of the most obnoxious former office-holders in a nation filled with obnoxious former office-holders.
   I speak here of the recently departed neoliberal Democrat mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel and the loud-mouthed, conservative Republican ex-governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie–both of whom left office with their ratings in the tank and the stench of scandal hovering about them.

   Christie, who got a lot of media …

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[24 May 2019 | No Comment | ]

Barack Obama and Donald Trump were unelectable until they got elected. In past decades, Catholics and divorced men were considered unelectable until they were. Now, some folks question the electability of women and LGBTQ candidates.
“Electable” and “electability” are the most savored words in this 23-candidate circus of a Democratic primary election. As noted almost everywhere, Democrats value a candidate who can defeat Trump above all else–whoever is the most “electable.”

The problem is, how do we determine electability?
The two main schools of thought are (1) someone of moderate progressivism who can …

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[16 May 2019 | One Comment | ]

All the current polls agree than the overwhelming majority of Democratic primary voters prefer a candidate who can defeat Donald Trump–even if they have disagreements with that candidate–to one with whom they fully agree but might be weaker in the general election. That may not be surprising, but it’s especially interesting in a diverse 20-plus field where one might expect identity politics to play a big role.

Look at the field. It’s a playground for identitarians: a half-dozen women, one of them black, one Samoan; a …

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[9 May 2019 | No Comment | ]

In about 14 months there will be one winner and twenty-some losers, most with large disappointed followings. It’s then incumbent on all of us who want regime change to leave our disappointment behind and get behind the winner, whomever she or he might be, because there is not one of the twenty-some running who is not far superior to the incumbent and presumed GOP re-election candidate.
   I’ve said it before and will continue to remind us all in the course of the next 14 months, no circular firing squads, no …

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[30 Apr 2019 | No Comment | ]

Joe Biden finally entered the fray, still a strong frontrunner in the 20-person Democratic primary field and 6-8 points ahead of Donald Trump in recent hypothetical presidential matchups. Bernie Sanders is the strongest runner-up in the primary and holds a 2-3 point lead over Trump, within the error margin.

But–and the buts are many–Biden got a self-inflicted wound initiating a call to Anita Hill attempting a belated apology–which was a nonapology–for his behavior toward her during the Clarence Thomas hearings nearly 28 years ago. He just couldn’t assume personal responsibility, much …

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[25 Apr 2019 | One Comment | ]

We will sell no wine before its time,” Orson Welles used to say, touting Paul Masson’s plonk on TV.

   So let’s take a tip from the master director when it comes to impeaching the Orange Menace and launch no hearing before its time. I have a plan.

   It’s clear enough that the Mueller Report offers plenty of evidence to impeach on grounds of obstructing justice alone–let alone hundreds of cases of lying to the American people, which Richard Nixon was charged with–while the House of Representatives can call almost anything …

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[11 Apr 2019 | No Comment | ]

Lori Lightfoot’s overwhelming Chicago mayoral victory and the recent rise to prominence of Mayor Pete Buttigieg as a presidential candidate has set me thinking that we may be in the midst of a new era for gay politicians–and yes, a gay president could be elected.

   I’m not predicting it yet, and this is not an endorsement of Buttigieg, but an appraisal as I made earlier  of Kirsten Gillibrand–and will make of others in weeks and months to come. However, it is quite possible that being LGBTQ+ may no longer be …

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[31 Mar 2019 | No Comment | ]

Chicago’s most unusual mayoral election is reaching an end that should surprise few by now: a gay, African American woman who seemingly came out of nowhere wins a lopsided victory over another African American woman who is the boss of the Cook County Democratic Party and recently re-elected to her third term as President of the Cook County Board.

     Writing this on the Sunday before the April 2 runoff election it looks to me as if Lori Lightfoot will get something in the mid-to-high sixtieth percentile  of the vote and …

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[29 Mar 2019 | No Comment | ]

Watching Kirsten Gillibrand’s performance at an MSNBC “town hall” in Iowa I said to myself if Hilary Clinton had been able to show the same empathy with regular people, she might have carried those lost “blue wall” states.  The whole hour was one terrific performance.

   Then, Gillibrand’s declaration of candidacy speech Sunday  set me to thinking she may be the best performer of all the candidates thus far in the mix and maybe many to come. It could make her a more formidable prospect to gain the nomination than I …