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[29 Mar 2019 | No Comment | ]

There’s always the possibility of federal charges will be pursued against Smollett for the alleged threatening letter to himself, in possible violation of federal laws. But that doesn’t right the wrong of the dismissal of the local charges against Smollett in the present case.
What’s at stake is the integrity of Cook County and the state of Illinois criminal justice system

So, is it too much to hope that the Smollett case has focused such a withering national and global spotlight on the Chicago Way that the Machine pols will have to …

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[5 Sep 2018 | No Comment | ]

What does Rahm (Lame Duck) Emanuel plan to do after leaving the mayor’s office next year? Here’s a thought:
He’s planning to issue $10 billion in bonds to help pay down the city’s huge pension debt. Imagine the commissions that the bonds will generate. Now ask where Emanuel plans to work after he leaves office. Will it have anything to do where the city lags its bond business?

Is leaving his office to “pursue other interests” and the decision to float all those bonds just a coincidence? We’ll have to wait to …