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[2 Dec 2012 | No Comment | ]

On a chilly afternoon this fall, teenagers across Chicago’s South Side were busy at work, earning $8.75 an hour to hand out fliers with a message of non-violence.

“Our message that we’re giving out today is about being healthy,” said 18-year-old Lucia Eloisa. “One of the key pointers is about taking time to reflect and seek inner peace.”
Eloisa’s part-time job was paid for by an ambitious state-funded program to keep at-risk teenagers out of trouble. It pumped nearly $55 million into Chicago’s toughest neighborhoods and three of its suburbs to stem …

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[12 Dec 2008 | 2 Comments | ]

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan on Friday asked her state’s highest court to remove Gov. Rod Blagojevich temporarily from office.
Moments after her announcement, news broke that Blagojevich’s chief of staff, John Harris, has resigned, a spokesman for the governor said.
Blagojevich, 52, and Harris, 46, were arrested this week on federal corruption charges relating in part to the selection of a successor to Barack Obama’s vacant Senate seat.

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[1 Jun 2008 | One Comment | ]

Sen. Hillary Clinton has won Puerto Rico’s Democratic primary by a wide margin, CNN projects, giving her the larger share of the territory’s 55 delegates. She swept Sen. Barack Obama in every major demographic group, including groups he generally does well in, such as younger voters and higher income voters, exit polls suggest.