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The good folks at Bookster, Tweed Jacket are back in business!  After a year out of circulation, some of the world’s great tweeds, plaids and twills are again available for purchase via Tweed-Jacket.com.  Bookster has been a great friend to the Chicago Daily Observer over the last 8 years or so, and we welcome them out of hibernation.
Need a Norfolk Jacket?  Three Piece Tweed Suit?  Riding Suit?  Where else but Bookster?

Here is what Bookster is all about:
We are passionate about the clothes we sell. Sadly, many of the great British tailoring …

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[24 Jul 2014 | No Comment | ]

Aluminum Screw Top Cans, Bottles and Containers added to the Union Street Tin packaging line.

More details here

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From Legal Insurrection
Steven Salaita is one of the leaders of the anti-Israel academic boycott movement in the United States. He even has authored a guide for other faculty as to how to implement boycotts of Israel at their own universities.
Salaita currently is an associate professor of English at Virginia Tech and starting in August will join the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign’s American Indian Studies Dept.
Salaita’s Twitter feed is crudely anti-Israel and has been since long before the recent Gaza conflict. Maybe that will be an issue for a later day.
But for today it’s worth noting that …

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[18 Jul 2014 | No Comment | ]

From Second City Cop
Among the stupidest things we’ve heard an aldercreature utter – and we’ve been listening to them for more than a few decades:

Meanwhile, Ald. James Cappleman, whose 46th Ward includes Montrose Beach, praised Sunday evening’s police response but expressed concern that nearby Chicago Park District parking lots allow large crowds to gather at Montrose Beach more easily than at other lakefront beaches.
“Look at Oak Street Beach. Do you see this many parking spots there? Look at Lincoln Park. There just aren’t this many parking spots in such a …

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[15 Jul 2014 | One Comment | ]

From Vote Vince, votevince.com
Vince Kolber has called the 5th congressional district home for his entire adult life. Vince Kolber’s personal story matches the hopes, dreams and aspirations of his future constituents.
Born of Polish immigrant stock, Vince learned the values of hard work and family that immigrants bring with them to America, home of the American Dream. The youngest of three brothers, Vince learned honesty and integrity at an early age. Vince was raised to be a good listener, to value the opinions of others and to seek opportunities to serve …

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From at The Blaze
A long-delayed computer tampering trial could dredge up the connections two of President Barack Obama’s top political allies (ed. Sen Durbin and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan) have to a now-defunct Chicago nonprofit investigated for potential fraud.

Save-a-Life’s stated mission was to provide first aid training to Chicago Public Schools students and personnel, but the organization allegedly did not follow through on administering the training it received the grants for.
“The public corruption unit of Cook County should be doing its job, not going after whistleblowers and scapegoats,” Bonjean said.
Illinois …

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[10 Jul 2014 | No Comment | ]

We are excited to announce the Canal Shores Invitational hosted by Joel Murray and Friends! The name may have changed, but the fun and incredible first responders and military we are honoring haven’t. We had such a great response about last year’s tournament, we knew this has to be an annual event. The tournament will be hosted at the Canal Shores Community Golf Course where the Murray brothers grew up playing golf.

This is your chance to get in on all the fun and support the heroes among us: police, firefighters …

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From The Daily Journal
The state has just pumped $34 million more in its quest to build a Peotone airport, this time buying Bult Field, a general aviation airport near Monee and calling it a “defining milestone.”

The Illinois Department of Transportation closed on the multimillion purchase of 288 acres Monday in the 5,800-acre footprint of the South Suburban Airport near Peotone.
That’s $118,055 per acre. The state already has spent $42 million on land, bringing the total so far to $76 million.
image Spending money we don’t have is more like a millstone …

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Opinion here

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[30 Jun 2014 | No Comment | ]

Here’s the decision
More to come