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[25 Nov 2015 | One Comment | ]

Better ask any of the various stooges you have placed into political office over the last 1o years or so.

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[19 Nov 2015 | One Comment | ]

From Buzz Feed
I do want to remind you, before we killed a jihadist named Awlaki, he did a video that said to Americans, ‘join the jihad and get guns, because it’s so easy in the United States of America to get a weapon,’” Illinois Rep. Jan Schakowsky said on SiriusXM radio this week.

“And that ought to be a chilling reminder because, aside from blowing themselves up, which is uh, of course, not about small weapons,” she continued. “These people used the kinds of weapons that are still available in the …

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[16 Nov 2015 | One Comment | ]

Representative Jan Schakowsky in favor of bringing a minimum of 200,000 refugees including 100,000 Syrian refugees into the United States, this while the FBI tells us they are not capable of vetting such a large number of new entrants to the USA.  Mrs. Schakowsky signed this letter
We agree with Refugee Council USA’s recent recommendation that the United States resettle a minimum of 200,000 refugees by the end of 2016, including 100,000 Syrian refugees.
Jan Schakowsky is also in favor of moving Guantanamo Terrorists to the United States.

Terrorists, posing as Syrian Refugees, have …

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[16 Nov 2015 | No Comment | ]

From the City of Chicago Inspector General
I was incredibly disappointed in the mayor,” he said. “I wanted the mayor to lead on these issues, to resolve these conflicts. The fundamental flaw was we were reporting to the people we oversee. I notified half of the City Council, if not more, they were under investigation — now imagine if I had to go back to those same people and ask for funding. Despite our appeals to the mayor’s office we got zero response. Zero support. As a citizen of Chicago I …

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[13 Nov 2015 | 2 Comments | ]

From DNA Chicago
At the State of Rogers Park meeting Thursday morning U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-9th), a Rogers Park native, said she and Rep. Kelly Cassidy (D-Chicago), Sen. Heather Steans (D-Chicago) and 49th Ward Ald. Joe Moore were set to speak with Claypool about the neighborhood school’s dire needs.

“These bright-eyed, beautiful kids deserve better; they’re being deprived,” Schakowsky told DNAinfo Chicago. “I’m just not going to give up on this.”
If only there was someone to hold responsible for the lousy conditions of Chicago Public Schools. Maybe we could elect a …

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[11 Nov 2015 | 2 Comments | ]

Joan McCarthy Lasonde, a Republican from Wilmette, has announced her candidacy in the Illinois 9th Congressional District vs. long time incumbent Jan Schakowsky, one of the most Left-Wing Members of the House of Representatives.
Joan McCarthy Lasonde’s Facebook Page is live
Joan McCarthy Lasonde’s website is here

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[10 Nov 2015 | No Comment | ]

CBS 2 has a puff piece on the leader of the angry Mob at Missouri. Shocker he’s from Chicago and CBS 2 thinks he’s showing restraint, by only getting the University President fired over an incident unrelated to the University President.
The Angry Mob Leader/Student Body President ‘loves his school, despite the problems there’ per the report.

Tribune on Mob not allowing coverage of their protests.
News Alert isn’t really going along with the Angry Mob

Steve Bartin: New Email At Mizzou Orders Students To Call The Police If They’re Offended
Steve Bartin: University of …

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[9 Nov 2015 | One Comment | ]

From Crooked City
Bernadine Dohrn, founding member of the Weather Underground, terrorist, and former wrongful conviction attorney at Northwestern Law School, from her early revolutionary days:
“Our intention is to disrupt the empire, to incapacitate it, to put pressure on the cracks, to make it hard to carry out its bloody functioning against the people of the world, to join the world struggle, to attack from the inside.”

Well, now Dohrn and her ilk are deeply ingrained in the city’s power structure, key players in its political and legal institutions, even buddies with …

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[30 Oct 2015 | One Comment | ]

From Commenter Herb Dulzo
Noteworthy CookCountyism.
I called the clerk of the court office. My mother got a summons for jury duty. While I am pretty sure she still votes in Cook County, I am also sure she can’t go to jury duty since she has been dead…..for 10 years. I called them and they asked me to send them a death certificate. I asked why? I know they can verify this somehow. Then again, maybe they don’t want to. Now for reference, If I were a nice guy I could pay …