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[24 Mar 2017 | 2 Comments | ]

Illinois Election Law provides for a complaint process, titled a D-4 to bring violations of the campaign disclosure act to the attention of the State Board of Elections.  A D-4 was filed today by lawyer Dan Kelley with the Illinois State Board of Elections representing Wilmette Resident Mark Weyermuller in a complaint against the ‘Wilmette Friends’ who are engaging in electioneering without registering as a political organization with the State of Illinois.
Specifically, the complaint notes that the ‘Wilmette Friends’, has coordinated and paid for political consultants, yard signs, mailers, websites, …

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[23 Mar 2017 | No Comment | ]

* From Comptroller Mendoza…
I have consistently said that my office would continue to place elected officials’ paychecks at the back of the line to get paid unless a judge ordered me to stop.
A judge so ordered today.
As former Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka did in a 2013 legislator-pay case, I will release the back pay […]

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[23 Mar 2017 | No Comment | ]

After two full weeks of trying, I’ve given up on getting Gov. Bruce Rauner’s office to give me some figures on the cost to Illinois of the GOP health care plan pending in the House.

The vote had been scheduled for tonight but now has been put off, because Republicans lack the votes.

Rauner aides have given me a bunch of reasons, including the fact that Speaker Paul Ryan keeps changing the plan in a bid to line up last-minute support from members, making it hard to score.

I suspect that while Rauner has expressed reservations, he doesn’t want to publicly take on President Donald Trump as his re-election looms.

Now we have a new reason for Rauner’s reticence: A new analysis of the cost to Illinois of Ryancare issued by Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin.

The hit to the state is brutal: as many as a million people here could lose their insurance. The plan could cost around $8 billion a year in economic activity and 60,000 jobs, not to mention the human impact.

Like me, Durbin said he asked Rauner for details, since Medicaid is one of the top expenditures of Rauner’s government, and since Rauner presumably has some insight into the details.

Durbin didn’t hear back, even though GOP governors such as Ohio’s John Kasich and Michigan’s Rick Snyder have gone public. So his staff went to various sources, including the Congressional Budget Office, the Illinois Hospital Association (IHA), the Joint Committee on Taxation and the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Among the findings:

* Up to 1 million Illinoisans could lose coverage over the decade, about two-thirds of them on Medicaid, and 239,000 of them children.

* Out-of-pocket costs for low- and moderate-income people would soar, amounting to an average of $3,233 in 2020 and $4,895 by 2026.

* Illinois’ Medicaid program would lose “at least $40 billion” over the next decade.

The economic cost he cites—$8 billion a year in activity, and up to 60,000 jobs—comes from IHA. Durbin notes that the program now “provides care for half of all Illinois children, two-thirds of senior nursing care, and one in four Illinoisans with disabilities.”

Particularly interesting is the breakdown by congressional district.

For instance, the 16th District of Rep. Adam Kinzinger, R-Joliet, would lose coverage for 51,800 people. The report includes statements from hospitals in Kinzinger’s district, as well as projections about premium hikes.

Anyhow, all of this may be somewhat inflated, and it may not include last-minute changes in the bill. But how can anyone vote for such legislation without fully knowing the costs and having a chance to study them?

Put a different way, if Rauner’s office says they don’t have enough solid information to score the bill, why should anyone vote for it now?

A couple of other developments.

Overnight, GOP congressmen here released a letter from a federal Medicaid official saying that Illinois would have time to apply for any aid it’s entitled to but hasn’t received because the state’s lack of a full budget. But the letter doesn’t affect the cuts in the bill of the type Durbin’s report reviewed.

And Chicago Democratic Rep. Bobby Rush, whose wife Carolyn Rush recently died, may miss tonight’s vote. If the tally is really, really tight, that could make a difference.

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[22 Mar 2017 | No Comment | ]

Marty Maloney, the current acting mayor of northwest suburban Park Ridge, is over-worked, underpaid, unappreciated, unknown and, according to his April 4 opponent, Lucas Fuksa, is inept, devious, disingenuous, non-transparent and unaccountable. That’s a huge mouthful of negativity.

The conundrum confronting Fuksa is simple: How do you convince voters to throw out an “acting” incumbent nobody knows, in an election where nobody cares? Maloney is “Mayor Nobody,” which makes attacking him dicey: It either makes him better known, or negatively defines him. Fuksa is doing neither.

Park Ridge is economically booming. There …

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[22 Mar 2017 | No Comment | ]

Flashback 1991 . The Wisconsin State Journal reports:Since baseball had no female counterpart, its elimination helped UW meet Title IX mandates without adding a women’s sport.Imagine that. No Big Ten College Baseball for you Badger fans!

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[22 Mar 2017 | No Comment | ]

Breitbart reports:

Students at the University of Notre Dame have reacted strongly to the announcement that Vice President Mike Pence will serve as this year’s commencement speaker.

University President John Jenkins announced the decision to host Pence as the speaker at this year’s graduation event in a press release. Jenkins stated that it “is fitting that in the 175th year of our founding on Indiana soil that Notre Dame recognize a native son who served our state and now the nation with quiet earnestness, moral conviction and a dedication to the common good characteristic of true statesmen.”

Although there have been no calls to disinvite Vice President Pence, students at the University of Notre Dame have been expressing their concern over the decision to offer him the role of commencement speaker.

The university’s College Democrats organization expressed their concern over Pence’s stances on immigration, abortion, and healthcare, suggesting that his values contradict those of what the group would consider an appropriate commencement speaker.

Notre Dame College Democrat party members: attempting to limit views different from their on campus. Young little fascists in the news.