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Mayor Rahm Emanuel has been accused of lots of stuff through the years, and Chicago’s leader certainly is no wallflower. But United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz last night revealed the mayor played a role in his heart attack last year.

In a speech to the Economic Club, Munoz took the podium right after two top mayoral aides who serve on the club’s board were introduced, Steve Koch and Andrea Zopp. Quipped Munoz, “The last business meeting I had (before the heart attack) was with the mayor. So believe me when I say I’m happy to see both of you here.”


A little more seriously, according to a couple of Crain’s folks who were there, Munoz had a telling message for his audience, mostly middle-aged and older male executives: Be ready for the unexpected.

Munoz remembered what a friend who is a cardiologist once told him: “If you feel like something just isn’t right (physically), don’t ignore it. Call 9-1-1,” Munoz said. And, the cardiologist further advised, give them your address first.

Fortunately for him, Munoz recalled that advice when his legs gave out last October while he was walking across his kitchen to retrieve his cellphone. He grabbed his landline, dialed 911 and blurted out his address. “I didn’t get anything else out.”

Munoz had a heart transplant two months later and returned to the airline last March.

Take his advice to heart, folks . . . truly.

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It looks like early voting is on the rise in the Chicago area, though it’s a little hard to say how much of the increase is sparked by voter interest in this election and how much is due to the fact that people are getting used to not waiting to cast a ballot.

Yesterday’s peppiest numbers come from suburban Cook County voters. A whopping 25,579 people cast ballots on the first day of early voting, either at the county clerk’s office downtown or in 52 neighborhood sites. That’s nearly double the previous record of 13,779, set on the first day of voting in the presidential contest of 2012, says county Clerk David Orr.

The figures also are up in DuPage County, but not nearly as much. Officials there report 6,218 voters cast ballots yesterday, compared with 5,219 on the first day in 2012.

Check here for early voting info:
In the suburbs…
…And in the city

For Democrats who might want to read good things into that—suburban Cook these days is pretty solidly Democratic, while DuPage leans Republican—figures from the city proper are closer to the DuPage numbers.

According to the Chicago Board of Elections, 17,633 voted yesterday, up about 2,000 from four years ago.

But early voting has been open for three weeks at a very small number of city locations, so the numbers may not be directly comparable.

Either way, the public seems to be getting engaged. That is a good thing.

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[25 Oct 2016 | One Comment | ]

By most national polls  respect for “the media,” among all political persuasions, is in the toilet. That’s because of the atomization of “media” collectively, from the proliferation of cable channels–especially the creation of strongly partisan ones–to websites, blogs and other creatures of the internet ( like the one you’re reading now).
There is no longer such thing as a universal  “truth” or “fact,” because we each get to pick our own and stick with it, verified by our medium of choice. Not even George Orwell could have foreseen this, but he …

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65 US ‘journalists’ had private group dinners with Hilary Clinton & John Podesta #PodestaEmails (via GWP) https://t.co/OQx6jBUF5s

— WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) October 24, 2016

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* HuffPo…
From the very beginning, Republican congressional candidates in moderate districts have been hesitant to embrace Donald Trump. Now, two weeks before Election Day, some of those Republicans are threatening to sue TV stations for running ads that link them to the GOP presidential nominee.
Five candidates ― Reps. Bob Dold (R-Ill.), Mike Coffman (R-Colo.), David […]