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Much has been made of Donald Trump’s vulgarities about normal bodily functions such as elimination and menstruation, his phallic Yiddishisms and pledge to “bomb the s–t” out of ISIS, so I am devoting this column to the “F” word about Trump: Fascist.

You don’t have to be a progressive to recognize that his rhetoric, including, but not limited to, his call to register Muslims in America and to deny any more Muslims further entry, is little more than the new American fascism. Numerous conservative Republicans are saying the same thing that …

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[30 Dec 2015 | No Comment | ]

Bill Moyers reports:

The $1.15 trillion spending bill passed by Congress last Friday and quickly signed by President Obama is just the latest triumph in the plutocratic management of politics that has accelerated since 9/11. As Michael Winship and I described here last Thursday, the bill is a bonanza for the donor class – that powerful combine of corporate executives and superrich individuals whose money drives our electoral process. Within minutes of its passage, congressional leaders of both parties and the president rushed to the television cameras to praise each other for a bipartisan bill that they claimed signaled the end of dysfunction; proof that Washington can work. Mainstream media (including public television and radio), especially the networks and cable channels owned and operated by the conglomerates, didn’t stop to ask: “Yes, but work for whom?”

Maybe, some day , Bill Moyers will realize that progress doesn’t come by politics.

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Rahm: Cops To Get More Tasers, Wants More 'Humanity' in CPD Approach

Mayor Emanuel said the aim is to make police encounters “less confrontational and more conversational.”

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Burglar Peers Into Jeep Cherokee and Then Smashes Its Window on Video

The footage of the break-in was posted on DNAinfo.com Chicago’s Lakeview Facebook page Monday.