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[30 Sep 2009 | 7 Comments | ]

I spoke the other day with a longtime Illinois GOP strategist…the most perceptive man I know… who didn’t want to be quoted. Now that I review his remarks I can see why. When I asked him how he thought the party’s strength and quality of leadership are to win in 2010, he said dreadful. He said “take a look at Andy McKenna, Jr. a rich man’s son who isn’t even trusted to run his family’s company but whose father…an old line Democrat and contributor to the Daleys and every other …

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[30 Sep 2009 | No Comment | ]

So, what happens if Chicago doesn’t get the Olympics?
We all know what will happen if Chicago is awarded the 2016 Olympics in Copenhagen Friday. Consultants will be hired, engineering studies performed, contracts let, people clouted into preferred jobs, earth moved, concrete poured, insiders rewarded, profits harvested — in other words, our own unique version of the Chicago Games and, by the way, a bunch of muscular athletes will compete here briefly. Who knows, it might even be as spectacular a success as Millennium Park; it might turn the spotlight on …

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[30 Sep 2009 | One Comment | ]

Could Dick Durbin be responding to his constituents?  This from the WSJ
Illinois Senator Richard Durbin signaled that he may be open to reauthorizing the Opportunity Scholarship Program, a school voucher program that allows 1,700 disadvantaged kids to opt out of lousy D.C. public schools and attend a private school.
“I have to work with my colleagues if this is going to be reauthorized, which it might be,” said Mr. Durbin at an appropriations hearing Tuesday morning. He also said that he had visited one of the participating private schools and understood …

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[29 Sep 2009 | No Comment | ]

A controversy from Jennings’ past concerns an account in his 1994 book, “One Teacher In 10,” about how, as a teacher, he knew a high school sophomore named Brewster who was “involved” with an “older man”:
“Out spilled a story about his involvement with an older man he had met in Boston. I listened, sympathized, and offered advice. He left my office with a smile on his face that I would see every time I saw him on the campus for the next two years, until he graduated.”
The account led Diane …

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[29 Sep 2009 | 6 Comments | ]

Q. I’m intrigued by the way President Obama performs on television. He may lie but he does it so convincingly he could pass a lie detector test. Is this style something new in politics or what? Take for instance his recent appearance on ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos.

A. Understand, all politicians shade the truth. The greatest advocate for one side of an equation I ever knew was Hubert Humphrey. Reporting for the Associated Press for his first reelection in 1954, I rode (in the back seat of his campaign …

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[29 Sep 2009 | 3 Comments | ]

Right place. Right time. Wrong office.  Later: right office.
That aptly describes the game plan of former Chicago Inspector General David Hoffman, who’s really running for mayor in 2011, but is taking a brief detour to seek the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senator in 2010.
Hoffman’s campaign rationale is to run strongly in 2010, which will set him up to take out Mayor Daley in 2011 in a one-on-one contest. But his strategy depends on the answers to these questions: How much more thievery, stupidity, corruption, convictions, scandals, trials and arrogance will …

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[28 Sep 2009 | 4 Comments | ]

The whole state was stunned mid-September when the Chicago Tribune published a poll showing Mayor Richard M. Daley’s approval rating down at 35 percent—the lowest any Mayor Daley ever scored. More remarkably, Daley did not question the numbers but attributed them to the hard economic times experienced by his constituents.
Polling also showed support for his bid for the 2016 Olympics slipping below the 50-percent mark—which could be either a reflection of the loss of confidence in Daley or part of the reason for that loss of confidence, since there is …

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[28 Sep 2009 | 4 Comments | ]

2016 Olympics: Who’s behind Chicagoansforrio.com?
As in any election involving Chicago, questions about anonymous dirty tricks popped up the week before the International Olympic Committee picks the host city for the 2016 Summer Games — a tight race between Chicago, Rio de Janeiro, Madrid and Tokyo.
In this case, curiosity was piqued online by the Web site Chicagoansforrio.com — specifically over whether opponents of Chicago’s bid in the Windy City really organized it.
Read rest of article (which does not find out who registered the domain Chicagoansforrio.com, in case you don’t want to …

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[28 Sep 2009 | No Comment | ]

Illinois Taxpayers On The Hook For At Least A Trillion Dollars in Taxes to Pay For State Retirements.
That’s about $200,000 per Illinois household over next 36 years (see here). That’s $200,000 of your money for other people’s retirement, money you will not have available for your own retirement.

Read more at Champion News

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[27 Sep 2009 | No Comment | ]

Republican Senatorial Candidate Pat Hughes and Democratic Alderman Joe Moore join host Tom Roeser for Politcal Shootout this evening at 8PM on WLS AM890.
Listen Live Here
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