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  • Pat said:

    I don\\\’t know if this is the right place to leave a general comment – I just wanted to say that I love the new look! It looks crisp and loads much faster. Nice!

  • chris bannon said:

    just out of curiosity – is this a conservative or liberal thing in general?

  • Jessica Bird said:

    i’m not sure if this is the place to leave this here,
    but the National Youth Leadership organization asked me todo a press release form. so if someone could please contact me with your mailing information that would be great!


  • John Powers said:




  • jamesy said:

    I wanted to email Mary Laney’s article but didn’t see an email option on the page. Cut and paste doesn’t do it justice. Did I miss something?

  • Stan said:

    New to the site, but glad to see a Conservative tilt to Chicago’s political landscape.

    I look forward to a lot of visits.

  • Bob Hale said:

    Well now, I was told this site is NOT leaning left or right, yet there is a comment from a reader who is happy to see a “Conservative tilt.”
    Can we have it both ways – non-partisan AND Conservative?

    I don’t THINK so!

    Ergo, why not subtitle it: “A Conservative Web Site!” Upfront, honest, and open. Conservatives used to be that way before we allowed angry people to take over the cause! (Where, of where, is Roosevelt when we need him? Teddy, that is!)

    R.S. Hale

  • A. Bingnear said:

    The word in the headline “Pyrrich” is rather misspelled it should be Pyrrhic, a “news” source that can not proof a headline loses all credibility in my view. How sad.

  • John Powers said:

    Fixed it, but do you ever read any other newspapers?

  • John P. Jankowski said:

    Just wondering how close you all toe the neo-con line here on issues. Roeser’s support for our Mideast follies–given his Catholic faith–probably says it all. Not an impressive initial impression, but I’ll give you guys a whirl.

  • Gerald Pechenuk said:

    Don Rose- Mr. Hyde Park Liberal Democrat- A Conservative???
    What gives??

  • ed said:

    Roeser and Gidwitz? There’s a scary combination.

  • Verne Christensen said:

    Thank God for the Don Rose balance.

  • Dan Green said:

    Why is Tom Roeser still on the masthead since his death? Never noticed that before.

    Saw somebody wrote a “submission” on Charlie Johnston and his new career as Catholic prophet. If it’s true it’s a heck of a story. What would Tom Roeser say about his former protege? If Tom was anything, he was a heck of an apologist for the Catholic Church. Deeply sincere in that.

  • John Powers said:


  • Dan Green said:

    If I may ask, do you have any information on site usage and users? Paper newspapers have audited circulation figures; what do online newspapers use to measure impact?


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